Starting late tonight, southeast Michigan is expected to get between 4-7 inches of snowfall through Saturday afternoon. Department of Public Works crews are expected to work throughout the storm, plowing and salting up to 75 miles of road.

"Our DPW crews will be ready to scrape and plow all city streets in order to provide safe travel and access to our residents and first responders," DPW Director Loyd Cureton said.

The City's first priority is to clear major travel roads like Woodward, 8 mile, 9 mile and Hilton. Crews will also prioritize crosswalks and public sidewalks to make them safe for use. Residents are encouraged not to park on the street during storms that deliver three or more inches of snow.

Property owners are responsible for clearing the full width of their sidewalks within 24 hours of the first sign of snow accumulation.