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Parents charged with open murder, torture in girl's death

Prosecutors have charged a father and stepmother with murder, torture and child abuse after their 5-year-old girl was found malnourished…

Supreme Court to decide Oakland Co. same-sex marriage case

A gay marriage debate that started in Oakland County now rests with the U.S. Supreme Court.

Video: DeBoer news conference following Supreme Court hearing

The family that challenged Michigan's gay marriage ban and their lawyers discuss Tuesday's hearing.

High court takes up marriage equality

A Michigan couple fighting for same-sex marriage was in Washington on Tuesday during the oral arguments.

Marriage equality goes before high court

Supreme Court justices made oral arguments about same-sex marriage on Tuesday.

Same-sex marriage: Could the Supreme Court compromise?

The Supreme Court could rule gay couples have a Constitutional right to civil marriage or they could rule that it's a matter for states to decide. But is a compromise ruling possible?

Same-sex marriage: Recapping the Supreme Court's hearing

Mara MacDonald gives a quick recap of Supreme Court's hearing on Michigan's gay marriage ban.

Same-sex marriage: Why are Supreme Court hearings so short?

Oral arguments took only a few hours. Mara MacDonald explains why Supreme Court hearings seem so brief compared to most court cases.

Same-sex marriage: DOMA v. DeBoer

How is this case different from the Supreme Court's 2013 ruling in the Defense of Marriage Act case?

WATCH LIVE: Gay marriage webcast

Mara MacDonald talks with former state Rep. Leon Drolet and state Rep. Gary Glenn about the Supreme Court's gay marriage hearing.

Same-sex marriage: Why the DeBoer case was really about adoption

Does the 14th Amendment provide "equal protection" to gay families?

Same-sex marriage: Where are gay unions recognized?

Mara McDonald takes a look at the map to see where same-sex marriages are recognized, where they currently aren't recognized under the law.

Live: Same-sex marriage arguments at U.S. Supreme Court

Follow updates as the Supreme Court The Supreme Court hears historic arguments in cases that could make same-sex marriage the law of the land.

Same-sex marriage: A shift in public opinion

Mara McDonald talks to pollster Richard Czuba about the shift in public opinion on same-sex marriage since 2004 when Michigan voters overwhelmingly approved a Constitutional ban on gay unions.


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