A Florida teen is facing felony charges because of her relationship with her younger girlfriend.

18-year-old Kaitlyn Hunt was dating a fellow teen at her school, a 15-year-old female. She's now being charges with two felony counts of "lewd and lascivious battery on a child 12 to 16", after the parents of her girlfriend pressed charges earlier this year, according to the Huffington Post.

The charges have caused controversy on social media, including a Facebook page called Free Kate and a petition.

Kaitlyn's mother, Kelley Hunt-Smith, said on Facebook, "These people never came to us as parents, never tried to speak to us ... and tell us they had a problem with the girls dating."

Hunt-Smith said the parents knew for months the girls had a relationship.

"They were out to destroy my daughter," Hunt-Smith said. "[They] feel like my daughter 'made' their daughter."

Hunt-Smith said Hunt was arrested back in February. She was then expelled from Sebastian River High School.

Hunt-Smith said although a judge said Hunt could remain in school, as did the high school's administration, the other girl's parents kept fighting until the school board removed Hunt from the school.

Hunt has been attending an "alternative school" and will be allowed to attend senior events and graduate from Sebastian High.

The local state attorney's office has offered Hunt a plea deal, where she would be under two years' house arrest and a year of probation. That would stay on her adult record.

Hunt may be able to avoid having to register as a sex offender, because of Florida's "Romeo and Juliet" close-in-age exemption.