FRASER, Mich. -

Fraser police say officers found an elderly couple tied to a bed and lying in their own feces and urine Nov. 6 at the Flamingo Motel.

What may be most disappointing is the couple are the parents of the motel owner, Eric Gala.

Officers went to the motel after getting a call about Gala allegedly keeping his parents in an unsanitary room at the Flamingo.

According to police, Gala admitted he keeps his parents -- 92 and 78 years old -- tied to the bed so they will not leave. He told officers they are rarely bathed. Flies had taken over the motel room which had a smell unbearable to officers.

Gala had guardianship over his parents, something he doesn't have now. His parents were taken to a hospital for treatment.

The 55-year-old motel owner faces two counts of vulnerable adult abuse. He was arraigned this week in the 39th District Court and was released on a $20,000 personal bond.