There are many candidates for the worst stretch of potholes in Detroit, but a section of Mack Avenue between Conner and Chalmers on the city's east side may be the worst..

Local 4 surveyed the area Tuesday and found potholes that were numerous and deep.

Detroiter Maanami Puryear is one driver who faces the challenge of driving around and into those potholes.

"Craters, like you could fall into them, literally," Puryear said.

Barbara Cowan would not even face the challenge of driving on that section of Mack.  She prefers to walk.

"I would rather walk than to come across Mack. If I was driving, I would do Warren. This is ridiculous. You can see, even the big trucks fall into the holes as they go across," Cowan said.

Local 4 did see a city of Detroit crew patching some of those potholes Tuesday.  But those same potholes had been patched just one week ago. This winter's brutal freeze and thaw cycle continues to take a toll on the road surface.

City spokespersons said more lasting repairs will have to wait until the weather gets warmer.