When it comes to birthdays, most kids want the newest toys or the latest electronics, but not little Juliana. She wants to give back and help the animals of the Michigan Humane Society, and it was all her idea.

"We were amazed, we were really amazed," said Juliana's mother Michele. "I mean because where does a seven year old come up with that idea."

With the help of her family and friends, Juliana collected $240 and several bags of cat and dog food along with other supplies and donated it to the Michigan Humane Society in Westland, Michigan.

"The fact that none of these animals have homes, that's the sole purpose for her doing this," said Michele.

Added Juliana: "It makes me feel good to see an empty cage because that means they have a good home."

For her donations she received a certificate, a tour, and of course plenty of time with the furry friends she helped. 

"I am so proud of her," said Juliana's father Ken. "This is a big life moment for her."

Juliana does not even miss the toys, she just wanted to give the animals at the Michigan Humane Society a nice Christmas.

"She is so happy that she did it, in fact some people gave her gifts for her birthday and said specifically you spend this on yourself and she put it in to donate," said Michele.

The Humane Society helps thousands of animals every year and Juliana hopes her story inspires other children to make a difference. Next year she wants to collect money to donate to endangered animals.