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Chuck has a new role!He's retiring from the weather desk, but you'll still be able to see him on Local 4

Slideshow: Chuck on the job

Published On: Aug 04 2014 01:44:55 PM EDT   Updated On: Aug 11 2014 09:13:14 AM EDT
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Chuck Gaidica: My new focus on TV is 'Force 4 Good'

Chuck plans to travel around the metro Detroit community to shine a spotlight on the people and programs that are truly acting as a Force 4 Good in our neighborhoods.

"We’re going to miss you on the air but I know you’re going to continue to do great things."
-- Gov. Rick Snyder

"Thank you for all the advice, from kids to this business to contracts to everything. Thank you for being the best in this business."
-- Meteorologist Tom Sorrells

"I have always considered you a class act. Indeed, you are."
-- Mort Crim

"For all the great moments you've given us, the viewers, thanks."
-- Aretha Franklin

"All the best. I love you."
-- Al Roker

"It's like a piece of us is going away."
-- Mara MacDonald

"I grew up watching Chuck."
-- Ashlee Baracy