Judge orders prosecution to return computers to Bashara

Bob Bashara is due in court Friday morning for a motion hearing ahead of his trial on a murder charge.

Bob Bashara gets new attorney

Michael McCarthy is the latest attorney to be added to Bob Bashara's defense team.

Bashara gets new attorney; Trial set for October

Bob Bashara's defense team got a new member on Tuesday ...

Date set for Bashara trial

Local 4 Defenders go inside the Bashara home.

Bob Bashara will get new attorneys, trial set back

Judge Evans decided to allow Bashara to be appointed two new attorneys ...

Bob Bashara gets new legal team

A judge decided Tuesday to allow the Grosse Pointe Park man a new legal team before he goes to trial for charges in his wife's 2012 murder.

2 years since Jane Bashara's murder

Though investigators believe Bob Bashara forced handyman Joe Gentz to kill Jane Bashara Jan. 24, 2012 inside ...

Bob Bashara asks everyone never to forget his wife

While in court on Thursday, Bahsara, to the surprise of many, became emotional talking about his late wife, Jane.

Pretrial hearing for Bob Bashara in murder case

Bob Bashara will return to court on Thursday for a continuation of a pretrial hearing.

Defenders learn of more Joe Gentz prison problems

Local 4 Defenders have learned that admitted murderer Joe Gentz has ...

Bob Bashara denied prison laptop

Bob Bashara has been denied access to a laptop while behind bars.

Bob Bashara loses fight for laptop in prison

The Grosse Pointe Park man accused of having his wife killed won't get the laptop computer he wants in prison.

Bashara trial could be unprecedented

The Local 4 Defenders are learning new information about the Bob Bashara ...

Bashara trial likely to start in March

The case against Bob Bashara will take center stage next year.

Bob Bashara wants special laptop privileges

He's in prison where he wants a computer so he can review documents for his upcoming murder trial.

Bob Bashara in court for pretrial hearing Tuesday

Bob Bashara is expected in court Tuesday for a pretrial hearing in connection with the murder of his wife Jane Bashara. In September,

Joe Gentz wants to appeal conviction in Bashara murder

An attorney for Joe Gentz, the man who pleaded guilty to the murder Grosse Pointe Park’s Jane Bashara, wants to appeal his conviction ...

Bob Bashara pleads not guilty to murder charge

Bob Bashara was arraigned in connection with his wife's murder Friday in front of Judge Vonda Evans ...

Bashara to stand trial, 2nd lover details lurid affair

Bob Bashara will stand trial on murder for the death of his wife ...

Another mistress, inmates testify in Bashara case

Sex, lies and allegations of a double life. That’s just some of the testimony that’s been unfolding in the Bashara murder case.

Bob Bashara's mistress says relationship had lies

Bob Bashara's alleged mistress continued testifying Thursday, saying she tried several times to break off the relationship but that she wasn't allowed to ...

Bob Bashara's alleged mistress continues testimony

Rachel Gillette's testimony is part of the preliminary hearing for Bashara, who is charged with his wife Jane's 2012 murder.

Rachel Gillette testifies in Bashara case

Gillette is the alleged mistress of Bob Bashara who is charged with murder in his wife's 2012 strangulation death.

Mistress in Bashara murder case takes stand, power goes out

Just minutes after Bob Bashara's mistress began testifying Wednesday for his preliminary exam on a murder charge, the building's power went out ...

Bob Bashara's former mistress testifies

Rachel Gillett's brief testimony came just hours after Bashara's daughter testified that she had caught her father looking at pornography and lying about an affair.

Bob Bashara's daughter testifies about his porn habit

Bob Bashara's daughter revealed information about the type of relationship her father had with her mother before she was murdered.

Bob Bashara gets emotional during testimony

Bob Bashara broke down during courtroom discussions of his alleged plot to have his wife Jane killed.

Bashara's alleged gun focus 1st day of evidentiary hearing

A key hearing which was set to begin Monday in downtown Detroit for the prosecution lays out it's case against Bob Bashara ...

Persecution: Key evidence in Bashara case hidden until recently

Monday the prosecution dropped a bombshell in court during the preliminary examination of Bob Bashara about a secret weapon that may have been hidden in a locked office until just last week

Prosecutors: Bashara wanted wife killed in car accident

The case against the Grosse Pointe Park man charged with the murder of his wife, after he allegedly paid someone to kill her, picked back up again Monday ...

Heated hearing held in Bashara murder case

Bob Bashara appeared via video for a pre-examination hearing. The drama in the courtroom was off the charts as attorneys on both sides battled it out.

Gentz won't withdraw guilty plea in Bashara death

Joe Gentz has changed his mind about withdrawing his guilty plea to second-degree murder in the death of Grosse Pointe Park mother Jane Bashara ...

Joe Gentz changes mind about withdrawing plea

Joe Gentz pleaded guilty to 2nd degree murder in the death of Jane Bashara, but he went to court Wednesday interested in changing that plea.

Gentz's bad behavior in prison could affect Bashara trial

Joe Gentz is locked up but causing big issues behind bars in New Haven.

Joe Gentz behaving badly behind bars

He is considered a key witness in the murder trial against Jane Bashara's husband, but will his behavior behind bars be an issue in court?

Computers in Bashara murder case will be returned

A witness in the murder case against Bob Bashara will get ...

Bob Bashara case taking shape

The case against Bob Bashara is outlined by Local 4 Defender Hank Winchester.

Bob Bashara caught hoarding ketchup in prison

Bob Bashara is locked up right now and in big trouble because of what he did with ketchup, jelly, spoons, napkins and sugar in his prison cell.

Bob Bashara finds trouble behind bars

Bob Bashara is locked and now in trouble for what he did with ketchup, jelly, spoons, napkins ...

Update: New hidden camera video inside Bashara dungeon

The building is almost empty. Most of the tenants have taken off, but the building and what's still hidden inside likely ...

More footage revealed from Bob Bashara's dungeon

Local 4 Defender's cameras show you brand new hidden camera video inside Bashara's dungeon.

Inside Bob Bashara's secret dungeon

Bob Bashara is charged with the murder of his wife Jane Bashara who was found dead in Jan. 2012.

Bob Bashara adds money problems to list of troubles

Bashara was back in court to plead guilty to first degree murder and it was clear he was worried about the battle ahead and the money it will cost him.

Bashara faces serious money trouble

He is broke. Life certainly has taken a dramatic turn for the man who once live in a beautiful Grosse Pointe Park home.

Bashara pleads not guilty, denied bond

Bob Bashara pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges he's facing in connection with his wife's murder.

Bashara to enter plea in wife's murder

Bob Bashara will be back in court Wednesday to enter a plea of ...

Bashara to be arraigned on murder charges next week

Bob Bashara, who is charged with the murder of his wife Jane Bashara, will be arraigned Wednesday ...

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