Bob Bashara moves forward with appeal

He maintains he is innocent in his wife's murder.

Bashara has prison guards on high alert

He is sharing a cell and will get a minimal amount of time outside of it.

Bob Bashara has familiar prison guards on alert

He's no stranger to the northern Michigan facility.

Bashara juror: He came across as narcissistic sociopath

Jury foreman Bill Mahney and juror No. 16 Regis Johnson said the jury was attentive, emotional and worked through the three months of evidence presented to them.

Bashara jurors break silence

They became very close after working on such a long, emotional murder trial.

Bashara jurors speak publicly

Members of the jury from the Bob Bashara murder trial spoke publicly for the first time on Tuesday.

Bob Bashara makes final plea

He said a lot about how innocent he is before being handed a life sentence.

Bob Bashara sentenced to life in prison

He denied everything in court on Thursday, but he's going away for the murder of his wife.

Uncut: Judge Evans on Bob Bashara's sentencing

Judge Vonda Evans spoke to the court before announcing Bob Bashara's life sentence.

Uncut: Jane Bashara's sister, mother speak at sentencing

Jane Bashara's family members read a statement Thursday during Bob Bashara's sentencing for his wife's murder.

Uncut: Bob Bashara's statement before sentencing

He said he had nothing to do with his wife's death.

Timeline: Jane Bashara murder case

The case began Jan. 24, 2012 when Bob Bashara reported his wife Jane missing about 11 p.m. that Tuesday.

Will Joe Gentz get more prison time?

He's the handyman who admitted to killing Jane Bashara. With Bob Bashara now convicted in his wife's murder, will Joe Gentz face more prison time?

Jane Bashara's friend reacts to verdict

The murder of Jane Bashara shocked her many friends in the Grosse Pointes. They couldn't believe such a shocking crime had touched their tranquil neighborhoods and taken such a vibrant member of the community.

Defenders special: Bashara: The Verdict

Watch the Local 4 special "Defenders: Bashara: The Verdict." Bob Bashara was found guilty of murdering his wife, Jane Bashara, and other charges including obstruction of justice and witness intimidation.

Verdict: Bashara guilty on all counts

Bob Bashara has been found guilty of murdering his wife Jane Bashara, and other charges including obstruction of justice and witness intimidation.

Jane Bashara’s mother talks about verdict

Jane Bashara's mother says she is feeling a little bit of everything.

Raw video: Verdict reading in Bashara trial

Listen as the jury convicts a Detroit-area man of murder in his wife's death.

Bob Bashara says he's sorry, ashamed

A Detroit-area man has been sentenced to ...

How Bashara's illness can affect trial

With Bob Bashara unable to be in court during jury deliberations, the trial could face some roadblocks.

Bob Bashara stricken with mystery illness

The jury has had to postpone deliberations while the defendant is ill.

Bob Bashara's illness halts jury deliberations

Without the defendant available for a question, the jury was sent home early on Monday.

Judge not expecting Bashara verdict until Wednesday

Judge Vonda Evans said Friday she does not expect the jury to reach a verdict in the murder trial against Bob Bashara until "maybe" Wednesday.

Bashara jury makes requests on 1st full day of deliberations

A verdict could be reach as soon as Monday, but the judge said she doesn't expect it until Wednesday.

Bashara's fate now in jury's hands

The jury began deliberating Thursday afternoon.

Bashara jury deliberations underway

A verdict could be read as early as Friday.

Bashara closing arguments conclude

The prosecution said the life he created revolved around "Master Bob."

Bashara's attorneys make final case to jurors

Bob Bashara's fate will be in the jury's hands by the end of the week.

Bashara trial closing arguments are complete

The jury heard from both sides on Wednesday.

Bashara closing arguments are Wednesday

The goal for both sides is to make sure the key pieces of testimony are highlighted.

Bashara trial closing arguments begin Wednesday

The murder trial for a Grosse Pointe Park man accused of hiring someone to kill his wife is nearing an end.

Testimony finished in Bashara trial

Bob Bashara informed the judge he did not want to take the stand in his own defense.

Testimony wraps up in Bashara trial

What will the jury decide? We could find out as early as next week.

Bashara trial: Police put on defensive

The Grosse Pointe Park police were under fire from the prosecution for how the department handled the case of Jane Bashara's murder.

Power outage interrupts Bashara trial

On Tuesday morning, moments after one of the charges against Bashara was dismissed, lights began to flicker at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice.

Power failure disrupts Bashara case, again

It's not the first time this case has been interrupted by a power outage.

Power outage interrupts trial against Bob Bashara

On Tuesday morning, moments after one of the charges against Bashara was dismissed, lights began to flicker at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice.

Defense begins arguments Tuesday in Bashara case

Tuesday, the defense will begin laying out its case as to why the jury should find Bashara not guilty of orchestrating his wife's murder.

Bashara trial: Prosecution rests its case

Closing arguments will begin next week.

Bashara trial: Chilling testimony on Jane's death

Details about Jane Bashara's murder were heard Tuesday inside court.

Bashara witnesses detail dungeon deception

Friends of Bob and Jane Bashara testified in court Monday about Bob's secret sex life.

Bashara trial: Friends reveal Gentz's life

Steve Virgona has known Joe Gentz for decades, and he knew things in Gentz's life had taken a drastic turn around the time Jane Bashara was murdered.

Bashara's female family members testify

Bob Bashara's aunt, mother and cousin are all testifying in the murder trial.

Bashara witness reveals Bob's dungeon, marriage secrets

Wolf testified he knew about Bob's apparent plan for a divorce.

Ex-cellmate reveals Bashara hitlist

A man who spent time behind bars with Bob Bashara shared the alleged hit list with the court.

Bashara trial: Dungeon, marriage secrets revealed

Laurence Wolf is a former friend of Bob Bashara who spent some time down in the dungeon. He is an insider in Detroit's BDSM underground community.

Witnesses paint Bob Bashara as intimidator

William Schatz, a former tenant of Bashara's, said he is still scared of Bob Bashara.

Witnesses portray Bob Bashara as intimidator

Bob Bashara's power and ability to intimidate his inner circle was revealed Thursday in court.

Bashara trial witness talks dungeon, DNA

Terese Giffin, who is a former Chicago cop and former "slave," clearly was uncomfortable testifying.

Bashara trial focuses on dungeon, DNA

Terese Giffin, who is a former Chicago cop and former "slave," clearly was uncomfortable testifying.

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