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Bashara trial: Friends reveal Gentz's life

Steve Virgona has known Joe Gentz for decades, and he knew things in Gentz's life had taken a drastic turn around the time Jane Bashara was murdered.

Bashara's female family members testify

Bob Bashara's aunt, mother and cousin are all testifying in the murder trial.

Bashara witness reveals Bob's dungeon, marriage secrets

Wolf testified he knew about Bob's apparent plan for a divorce.

Ex-cellmate reveals Bashara hitlist

A man who spent time behind bars with Bob Bashara shared the alleged hit list with the court.

Bashara trial: Dungeon, marriage secrets revealed

Laurence Wolf is a former friend of Bob Bashara who spent some time down in the dungeon. He is an insider in Detroit's BDSM underground community.

Witnesses paint Bob Bashara as intimidator

William Schatz, a former tenant of Bashara's, said he is still scared of Bob Bashara.

Witnesses portray Bob Bashara as intimidator

Bob Bashara's power and ability to intimidate his inner circle was revealed Thursday in court.

Bashara trial witness talks dungeon, DNA

Terese Giffin, who is a former Chicago cop and former "slave," clearly was uncomfortable testifying.

Bashara trial focuses on dungeon, DNA

Terese Giffin, who is a former Chicago cop and former "slave," clearly was uncomfortable testifying.

Bashara trial: Ex 'slave,' Gentz friend testify

More wild and salacious stories were heard about "Big Bob."

Bashara trial: Ex 'slave,' Gentz's friend testify

More wild and salacious stories were heard about "Big Bob," the dungeon and his apparent obsession with his former mistress Rachel Gillett.

Bashara trial: Gentz's interview could be evidence

What Joe Gentz told police about Jane Bashara's murder could be used in court. But will it?

Bashara murder trial: Key investigator back on stand

The officer who first told Bob Bashara his wife's body had been found took the stand on Friday.

Jury sees Bob Bashara's police interview

The focus in court Thursday was on his interview with police after his wife's murder.

Bashara trial witness: Gentz talked about being hired hitman

Riikonen said she met Gentz on a cellphone singles website. She thought he was a biker. Instead, he started telling her that he'd been hired to kill someone.

Bashara murder trial: What outsiders knew about Bob

More revealing testimony was heard Wednesday.

Update: Bashara 911 call played in court

Hank Winchester brings you the latest update from the Bob Bashara court case.

What caused Bashara's health scare?

His illness halted the trial, but it resumed Monday.

Bashara's alleged plan to kill handyman revealed in court

Bob Bashara allegedly planned to have Joe Gentz, his former handyman who said he killed Jane Bashara, killed while behind bars. The plan is being detailed in the trial against Bashara.

Bashara murder trial resumes after timeout

After a sudden timeout, jurors are back in a Detroit courtroom for the trial of a suburban man who is charged with arranging his wife's murder.

Bob Bashara falls ill; trial on hold

Bob Bashara's trial on charges he arranged to have his wife killed was halted Wednesday morning when he became ill.

Bob Bashara's health problems put trial on hold

The Grosse Pointe Park man's attorneys told the court he was complaining of pain and had "doubled over."

Witness: Bob Bashara confessed to me

An ex-tenant of Bashara's testified in court Tuesday.

Bashara trial: More emotional testimony

Tibaudo is the appliance store owner who wore a wire to capture Bashara's plan to put a hit on Gentz.

Tearful testimony heard in Bashara trial

One man became quite emotional on the stand when talking about a lost pet.

Bashara's daughter: He saw my mother as very critical of him

Jessica Bashara's testimony gave a glimpse at life inside the Bashara home in the months leading up to her mother's murder.

Bob Bashara's son details alleged manipulation

Recordings of phone calls between Bob Bashara and his son were played in court.

Bob Bashara's daughter testifies in murder trial

Jessica Bashara said her father thought her mother was very critical of him.

Bashara trial: Details of Bob's secret life

Bob Bashara's secret adult life is all being detailed in the murder trial against him.

Bashara trial: Gentz's cellphone, friend new keys to case

Testimony will resume Wednesday morning.

Bashara's friend: We did drugs together at golf club

Drug use and phone calls took center stage in court during the Bob Bashara trial Monday.

Bashara's friend says they did drugs together at golf club

"We would smoke marijuana or do cocaine on the golf course -- Bob and I," said Jim Wilson.

Testimony continues in Bashara trial

We expect to hear more about the murder itself and forensic evidence collected at the crime scene after the explosive testimony that was given last week from one of Bashara's mistresses.

Bashara emotional as ex-mistress testifies

She said she was in the Bashara family's Grosse Pointe Park home before Jane Bashara's murder. She said she got an excuse from Bob about why it appeared he was still sleeping with Jane.

Bob Bashara's 'other woman' testifies

Rachel Gillett was nervous early on, but her testimony is key.

Bashara murder trial: Investigators testify

Investigators went over details of Jane Bashara's murder.

Bob Bashara's ex-mistress testifies

Rachel Gillett says she was manipulated by Bob Bashara.

Day 2 of testimony underway in Bashara trial

More witnesses are taking the stand in the trial against a Grosse Pointe Park man accused of having his wife killed.

Bashara trial opens with fiery testimony

The jury, consisting of 13 men and 5 women, including alternates, was seated last week.

Bashara trial: Prosecution reveals 4 key pieces of evidence

Bob Bashara sat in court while the prosecution showed the jury the case against him.

Bashara murder trial: Fiery opening testimony

The first witness said he was involved in Bob Bashara's BDSM lifestyle.

Bashara murder trial: Opening statements underway

Opening statements began Tuesday in the trial against a Grosse Pointe Park man accused of arranging his wife's murder.

Gentz will not testify in Bashara trial

A handyman who said Bob Bashara ordered him to kill his wife Jane Bashara will not testify in the murder trial against Bob Bashara.

Bashara murder trial: Handyman won't testify

Joe Gentz took a plea deal with the understanding he would testify against Bob Bashara, the man Gentz said ordered him to kill Jane Bashara. But things changed on Friday.

Jury seated in Bob Bashara murder trial

The jury, including alternates, consists of 11 men and 5 women.

Gentz has second thoughts about testifying against Bashara

The handyman who said he was forced by Bob Bashara to kill Jane Bashara may be holding back what is expected to be key testimony in this upcoming trial.

Bashara trial: Witnesses revealed, jury takes shape

Many potential jurors admitted they know too much about the murder of Jane Bashara.

Jury selection is underway for Bashara trial

He was in court Tuesday, clean-cut and mild-mannered.

Defenders: Dirty details in Bashara case

The graphic details will be put in front of a jury.

Judge: 'Wow, Mr. Bashara, you lookin' good today'

Judge Vonda Evans welcomed Bob Bashara into the courtroom on Tuesday as the trial for his wife's murder got underway.

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