Hazel Park police are asking anyone who might have had contact with a man who was found with a gun and several security badges in his car to come forward.

Police Chief Martin Barner said 30-year-old Vincent Coleman, a Detroit resident, was pulled over Wednesday for swerving.

He was driving a white 2000 Ford Crown Victoria police interceptor-type car that was equipped with interior rear deck lights, a siren, strobe lights and front marker lights -- but it didn’t have a government-issued plate.

Barner said police found a loaded 9mm semi-automatic handgun, several security badges, vehicle lockout tools and security clothing in his car.

He was arrested for having a concealed weapon and driving on a suspended license. His license hasn’t been valid since 2003.

Barner said Coleman has not been charged with impersonating a police officer, but his department wants to talk to anyone who might have had what they perceived to be law enforcement contact with him.

Concerned residents can call Hazel Park police at 248-542-6161 or their local police department.