It's been half a year since Kevyn Orr stepped in as Detroit’s emergency manager and as Chapter 9 bankruptcy proceedings get underway, it seems everyone's got an opinion on the job Orr has done.

Thursday night Local 4 talked to local leaders about emergency manager Orr, and what kind of job they think he's done so far over the last six months.

Now we're talking to Detroiters to get their thoughts on Orr and to see with letter grade they would give the emergency manager.

"I’d say a D because I haven't noticed any changes yet," said one resident.

"I would give him a C because this isn't something he can turn over, overnight," said another local woman.

"It would be an F, an F- because Kevin Orr is robbing the city for the benefit of these corporations out here. I feel he's doing nothing for the City of Detroit," said another citizen.

It’s no surprise, the responses were mixed. 

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"I’m going to say B+ and the reason why is because he's doing a good job, but it's a tough no win situation for him. I actually think he could have done a lot of things quicker and I think he was taking his time to appease both sides and being slow," said Glenn Pulice of Detroit.

"It ought to be clear by now, there are a significant number of Detroiters who know this is a really, really bad situation and people don't want to hear political rhetoric or posturing, or see political theatre, they just want to see stuff fixed," said Political consultant Sheila Cockrel.

Many of the residents Local 4 approached declined to comment, saying they didn't feel it was fair to talk about Orr’s performance since he's only been on the job for six months.  

"I think frankly he's done a very good job. I think he gets high grades from most off the people watching his performance, no question about it," said Oakland County Executive L. brooks Patterson

"As far as what I’ve seen as a resident, he's kind of been average. But I do like the tone he's setting; it's more or less strict.  Cut this, then move that, let's get it done.  And I think that's the tone the city needs now," said Detroit resident Aaron Robinson.