HOWELL, Mich. -

Councilors voted 4-2 to get rid of traffic circles in Howell, causing controversy in City Hall and neighborhoods.

There are a lot of opinions on mini traffic circles in the Livingston County community.

In 2008, 16 traffic circles were built, costing about $24,000. Compare that to the $35,000 Howell City Council has budgeted from undesignated funds to get rid of them.

In a statement, Mayor Phillip Campbell acknowledged mini circles were controversial:

"As I see it, if you take a wrong turn, you don't keep on going in the wrong direction -- you stop and go back. Our vote reflects our desire to put our streets back the way they had always been prior to the installation of the circles."

It's a costly decision some don't agree with.

The traffic circles were touted as a safe way to ease traffic congestion. However, many drivers choose to cut corners. Some say the mini circles are dangerous and confusing.

The city plans to remove all of them within the next 150 days.

It's not clear if $35,000 will cover it. City staff could finish the project but critics say that takes people away from other jobs.