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Police search for Armada teen s murderer

14-year-old April Milsap was killed while out walking her dog.

April Millsap homicide investigation timeline

Since her body was discovered on July 24 in a small park, the…

Carlos Buffin

Murder mystery takes surprising turn

The Defenders show you how a loving family's determination led to an…

Unclaimed veterans burial 4

Unclaimed remains get military burials

State troopers accompanied a 13-hearse procession which left the…

Defenders New information in deadly boat crash near Harsens Island

The investigation has revealed photos of alcohol on the boat before the crash.

Photos show alcohol on boat before deadly Harsens Island...

The Local 4 Defenders have obtained new photos showing beer and…

Defenders Greedlist

Find out who makes Defenders' greed list

Scams, cons and fraud -- the Defenders expose them for what they are.

Kwame Kilpatrick in court 1

Kilpatrick appeals his corruption conviction

Kwame Kilpatrick has formally appealed his corruption conviction and…

Generic gas station

Do you need a bodyguard to get gas?

The Defenders hit the streets to show you how to keep your family…

Detroit woman's water cut off

Detroit water shutoffs timeline

Local 4 has been reporting on water system's plans to shut off…


April Millsap likely victim of sex assault attempt before...

Those working this case say April Millsap was at the least the victim…

St Clair County landfill sign

Special trash pickup at center of Millsap murder...

What led detectives to the landfill is in itself concerning.

Finney High School garden

Gardeners transform old Finney High site

A blighted neighborhood once stripped by scrappers has been…

Chris Best photo

Man's violent death remains a mystery

The person who killed Christopher Best in front of his friend's…

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