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Defenders special: Bashara: The Verdict

Watch the Local 4 special "Defenders: Bashara: The Verdict." Bob…

Jane Bashara's friend reacts to verdict

The murder of Jane Bashara shocked her many friends in the Grosse…

Bob Bashara says he's sorry, ashamed

A Detroit-area man has been sentenced to ...

Naked in Detroit: Art or exploitation?

The Defenders catch up with a photographer who has created a…

Bob Bashara during closing arguments (12/10/2014)

Judge not expecting Bashara verdict until Wednesday

Judge Vonda Evans said Friday she does not expect the jury to reach a…

Timeline: Jane Bashara murder case

The case began Jan. 24, 2012 when Bob Bashara reported his wife Jane…

Lawsuit claims transgender child was bullied

A suit like this has never been filed before and the child at the…

Bob Bashara during closing arguments (12/10/2014)

Bashara closing arguments conclude

The prosecution said the life he created revolved around "Master Bob."

Bob Bashara

Bashara closing arguments are Wednesday

The goal for both sides is to make sure the key pieces of testimony…

Parents in teen murder plot speak out

In an exclusive interview with the Local 4 Defenders, her mother and…

Bob Bashara

Testimony finished in Bashara trial

Bob Bashara informed the judge he did not want to take the stand in…

Defenders: Alleged sex crime at local school

How could a child with special needs be left so vulnerable? Defender…

Kwame Kilpatrick investigations

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