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Police search for Armada teen s murderer

14-year-old April Milsap was killed while out walking her dog.

April Milsap homicide investigation timeline

Since her body was discovered on July 24 in a small park, the…

April Millsap Armada teen killed

Police seek more tips in search for Armada teen's killer

Law enforcement issued a new plea for tips.

Anthony with father

Father has K2 warning after losing son

A father has an urgent warning about how a dangerous drug took…

Detroit woman's water cut off

Detroit water shutoffs timeline

Local 4 has been reporting on water system's plans to shut off…

Defenders return to Detroit danger zones

Drug, sex deals still happening in front of kids

It was an investigation that caused community outrage. Children…

Larry O'Neil Walker II

Larry O'Neil Walker II

Barbershop shooting suspect finds trouble behind bars

Police wanted to question Walker about the shooting, but he took off,…

Richard Alexander

Scam targeting elderly recorded on tape

Hear from the man who was scammed so it doesn't happen to you.

Timothy Matouk and JoAnn Matouk Romain

Witness drops bombshell in Matouk Romain death investigation

The witness, Paul Hawk, has sworn under oath that he saw Timothy…

Defenders Detroit water shutoffs in action

Local 4 Defenders cameras were there Tuesday as the water department hit several homes on Rutland Street on the city's west side.

Defenders: Detroit water shutoffs in action

Local 4 Defenders cameras were there Tuesday as the water department…

Defenders: How safe is UberX?

The company that puts everyday people in the driver’s seat is dealing…

Derrick Miller


Derrick Miller

Derrick Miller has 100 years to pay back IRS

Derrick Miller has been given 100 years to pay back $240,858 in…

Bodies in bags Wayne County morgue

Service held for unclaimed morgue bodies

A public memorial service was held Wednesday for 200 people whose…

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