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14-year-old April Milsap was killed while out walking her dog.

April Millsap homicide investigation timeline

Since her body was discovered on July 24 in a small park, the…

Laurence Wolf is a former friend of Bob Bashara who spent some time down in the dungeon. He is an insider in Detroit's BDSM underground community.

Bashara witness reveals Bob's dungeon, marriage secrets

Wolf testified he knew about Bob's apparent plan for a divorce.

Bob Bashara's power and ability to intimidate his inner circle was revealed Thursday in court.

Witnesses paint Bob Bashara as intimidator

William Schatz, a former tenant of Bashara's, said he is still scared…

Bashara trial witness talks dungeon, DNA

Terese Giffin, who is a former Chicago cop and former "slave,"…

More wild and salacious stories were heard about "Big Bob," the dungeon and his apparent obsession with his former mistress Rachel Gillett.

Bashara trial: Ex 'slave,' Gentz friend testify

More wild and salacious stories were heard about "Big Bob."

Police using 'bait' to stop car thieves

The Defenders hidden cameras show you how a new tool is helping stop…

Lorna Beth Riikonen

Bashara trial witness: Gentz talked about being hired hitman

Riikonen said she met Gentz on a cellphone singles website. She…

Moms released from prison share their struggles

Defender Kevin Dietz talks to moms who were behind bars. See their…

'Bait-and-switch' thefts reported at MGM

The Local 4 Defenders have learned the woman may be involved in up to…

Defenders: Butane drug mix can be deadly

Something teens are doing across the country has potentially…

Bashara trial opens with fiery testimony

The jury, consisting of 13 men and 5 women, including alternates,…

Woman on mission to help hungry in Detroit

The Defenders introduce you to a woman who is spreading hope,…

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