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Defenders special: Bashara: The Verdict

Watch the Local 4 special "Defenders: Bashara: The Verdict." Bob…

Defenders look at Detroit's criminal groups

Detroit is making big strides in its comeback. But to really get…

Summer safety: Is your playground safe?

While the majority of parks are safe, there are some concerns…

Michigan 'fugitive mom' shares her new focus

Marie Walsh has kept a low profile since her release from prison in…

Defenders: How to buy, sell safely online

Using the Internet can be a convenient way to find exactly what…

Floyd Dent, Inkster settle lawsuit

Given the choice, Dent would rather be broke and never have had this…

Paige Renkoski: 25 years later

Paige Renkoski: 25 years later

It was 25 years ago this weekend that Paige Renkoski disappeared.

Defenders: Where are the jobs in Detroit's neighborhoods?

Many have given up hope that they can get a good job.

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School zone speeders caught on camera

Sheiko Elementary School on Walled Lake Road is a typical elementary…

Stony Creek speeders: A major problem

Since the tragic crash that killed three high school students,…

Some neighborhoods forgotten in Detroit's revitalization

There is much to brag about in the city of Detroit, but at the same…

Defenders: The latest in the Roksana Sikorski case

The Local 4 Defenders have the new twists in the case of a Plymouth…

Kwame Kilpatrick investigations

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Defenders: Violent Traffic Stop

police beating

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