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Defenders special: Bashara: The Verdict

Watch the Local 4 special "Defenders: Bashara: The Verdict." Bob…

Paige Stalker's mom opens up about her death

In her first sit-down interview, Jennifer Stalker talks to Defender…

Local 4 News at 11

Fingerprint evidence not always foolproof

If you watch crime shows you know all about fingerprints. Police…

Defenders reveal Detroit's plan to fix parking system

Broken meters are leaving the city shortchanged. See the new solution.

Homeless man reunites with family

Harold was homeless and freezing until his family finally found him.

White Boy Rick: High-profile support hurt chances for parole

Kick Rock's support was supposed to help Wershe's case, but "White…

Business steps up to help Cub Scouts who were ripped off

See how viewers reached out after seeing a Local 4 story about a Cub…

Former Parole Board member speaks up for 'White Boy Rick'

A retired parole board member breaks his silence about "White Boy…

'White Boy Rick': On working as a police informant

Rick Wershe had an unusual job as a 14-year-old. Police were paying…

'White Boy Rick' remains behind bars

'White Boy Rick' Wershe went to prison at age 17. Now at age 45, even…

Teen charged in murder plot breaks silence

A 15-year-old charged in an attempted murder plot on her family has…

Shoppers beware: Thieves targeting dollar stores

While dollar stores may offer shoppers great deals, they’re also…

Kwame Kilpatrick investigations

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