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Fighting The K2 Drug Epidemic

Live in the D: The dangers of K2

It's called spice or synthetic marijuana and it can ruin lives.

Father has K2 warning after losing son

A father has an urgent warning about how a dangerous drug took control of his son's life and how to keep your own children safe.

Ban on K2 still working 1 year later

Ban on synthetic drugs in Michigan appears to ...

Michigan winning war on K2, Spice 1 year after ban

Gas station clerks say one year ago K2 was everywhere on shelves. Now, a year later and you see signs on gas store door's warning teens that K2 is illegal.

Trial begins Monday for W. Bloomfield grandma charged with murder

The lawyer for the West Bloomfield grandmother accused of shooting her 17-year-old grandson...

Father files synthetic marijuana lawsuit

John Sdao says his son committed suicide after smoking synthetic marijuana...

Police make K2 bust in Shelby Township

Police find K2 for sale in the Quik Mart convenience store of Shelby Township.

Student's snacks tainted with synthetic drug

Authorities say four Catholic middle school students in Detroit got sick...

Synthetic marijuana bought at 3 local shops

Owners and employees at three Oakland County businesses have been charged ...

Getting K2 off store shelves

Synthetic marijuana is often sold under the names Spice or K2 and has been marketed as a mix of...

Grandson shot by grandma had K2 in his system

Toxicology results released by the Oakland County medical examiner reveal...

Snyder signs bills banning synthetic marijuana

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has signed bills banning so-called synthetic marijuana ...

Local 4 Defenders expose new products similar to K2

You've seen the K2 crackdown. Now suppliers are changing their game. The Defenders expose the new packaging you need to watch out for!

Business owners team up to prevent K2 sales

Officials in the Detroit area are teaming up on efforts to prevent the sale of...

Monroe, Livingston County ban K2

At least two more counties have declared imminent health dangers and banned the sale of ...

A community's drumbeat against K2

The drumbeat against K2 exploded when ...

Are Wayne County stores complying with K2 ban?

With a Wayne County ban on K2 and other like products in place, it appears shops in the county are ...

Dr. McGeorge details dangers of K2

is sold under many different names from spice to Genie, to Devil's Wrath, just to name a few.  It's a dangerous drug known as ...

Detroit issues order banning K2

Detroit has issued an emergency order banning K2 and other synthetic marijuana drugs ...

Macomb County leaders focus on ridding area of K2

The latest drug to gain attention in Metro Detroit, K2, is under the microscope in Macomb County.

Wayne County exec signs imminent danger order regarding K2

Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano signed an imminent danger order Tuesday over K2 ...

Father describes struggle with son's K2 addiction

Bill Miskokomon of Shelby Township broke down in tears talking about the day last week he took his 17-year-old son to Detroit’s Metro Airport ... SPECIAL COVERAGE INSIDE.

Port Huron police ask for stop on K2 sales

The Port Huron Police Department is asking area businesses to voluntarily discontinue the sale of a legal form of synthetic marijuana ...

Fighting the K2 Epidemic

Live on Local 4 News Morning, they'll be taking your questions...

Fighting the K2 epidemic: Where parent's can turn

Carol Mastroianni is the Executive Director of Birmingham Bloomfield Community Coalition. She has advice on where parents can turn if they are worried about the K2 epidemic

Roundtable discussion: Fighting the K2 Epidemic

Teens are getting high on K2 or Spice, and it's a problem growing in Metro Detroit. Local 4's Shawn Ley hosted a roundtable discussion on the issue with a group of local leaders Tuesday Morning

Township leaders ban sale of K2 spice

West Bloomfield has officially prohibited the sale of spice or K2 and bath salts.

West Bloomfield bans K2

Tough talk has turned into action in West Bloomfield against K2.

Judge orders K2 testing

One local judge is launching a K2 crackdown of her own ...

Macomb County issues emergency K2 order

The Macomb County Health Department on Monday issued an emergency order against ...

Macomb County issues emergency K2 order

The Macomb County Health Department on Monday issued an emergency order against synthetic cannabinoids and other substances like K2.

Metro Detroit parents push to get K2 out of local stores

A group of moms in the Clarkston area are trying to convince the owners of gas stations, drug stores and liquor stores to stop selling K2 and other synthetic marijuana products that are legal and have no government restrictions.

Attack on family leads to statewide review of parolees

The Michigan Department of Corrections plans to audit the state's 70,000 parolees and probationers after ...

Attorney: Grandma shot grandson in self defense

A 74-year-old grandmother was back in court Thursday on an open murder charge in her grandson's shooting death ... WATCH THE HEARING UNCUT INSIDE.

Michigan officials take aim at synthetic pot

Officials in Lansing and around Michigan are taking aim at synthetic marijuana that's sold in convenience stores and other shops ...

West Bloomfield Township to vote on K2 sales ban

The township leaders want the spice banned as it has been connected to a teen death and murders in Oakland County.

Defenders: Local judge investigates K2 spice

A local judge takes matters into her own hands and investigates K2 spice.

Police: Teen died from overdosing on K2 spice

Bloomfield Township police say an 18-year-old whose body was found on a private beach over the weekend died from an ...

Wayne County police departments issue K2 warning

Police chiefs in Canton, Plymouth and Northville townships on Monday announced their offices are sending letters to nearly 100 businesses for ...

Residents gather in Shelby Twp. to protest K2 sales

Controversy has surrounded synthetic marijuana since it's first release ...

Parents push to get K2 out of stores

A group of moms in the Clarkston area are trying to convince the owners of gas stations, drug stores and liquor stores to stop selling K2 ...

Police Raid Truck, Home For Synthetic Drugs

The Michigan State Police confiscated illegal synthetic drugs from a truck and home in Sterling Heights. Related: February 11, 2011: Police Confiscate Synthetic Drugs Watch: Police Raid Sterling Heights Man's Truck, Home For K2 Drug

Police Confiscate Synthetic Drugs

Michigan State Police said more than 15,000 illegal items, including K2 and bath salts, were confiscated from a Madison Heights store. Watch: Police Find Illegal Drugs At Madison Heights Store

Oakland Co. To Vote On Ban Of Legal 'Potpourri'

Oakland County is taking steps to outlaw sale of a product that is being called the "new marijuana" in local stores. Legal 'Potpourri' Being Used As Drug

Legal 'Potpourri' Being Used As Drug

Local police agencies are warning parents about the latest teen high. As Local 4's Bisi Onile-Eri shows us it's legal and your child can get it easily.

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