Second juror interviewed (male) was seated on a jury for a Macomb County case in the past.

Judge Kumar asked the council to approach after first two potential jurors were interviewed. The female that left the courtroom in tears, is now back and calm. Another, potential juror has several local police officers as close friends. Judge Kumar asks if she can trust him not to discuss the case with them. He replied “Well I can’t, right?”

The courtroom laughed as Judge Kumar said, “No, you can’t."

This same potential juror is asking for a harsh penalty from the judge based on what he’s heard in the media.

Judge Kumar said, “Will you bring in your preconceived notions allow the trial to take it’s course?”

Potential juror replied, “Yes, I think I can keep my emotions at bay.”

9:30 a.m.

Judge Kumar reminding jury pool they are still under oath as interview process begins. First juror (a male) was asked if he had any contact with the criminal justice system in the past. He told Judge Kumar he had a drinking and driving offense along with a domestic violence incident.

In the middle of the first juror interview, another potential juror (female) broke out in tears and had to be escorted out of the courtroom.

Another juror yelled "She has to use the bathroom."

9:15 a.m.

62 potential jurors to get through today.

Judge Kumar will seat the first 14. They will be brought in one at a time.

7 men, 7 women are now seated.

The interview process will now begin.

9 a.m.

Defendant Mitchell Young made his way into courtroom at eleven minutes after 9 a.m.

Two Oakland County Sheriff’s removed the shackles Young was wearing around his wrists and waist.

He was greeted by his attorney, “Good Morning, Mitchell.”

Mitchel is dressed, once again, in a black suit. He had tie waiting for him in the courtroom. His attorney helping to put it on. TV photographers were just asked to leave the courtroom as jury selection begins.

8:30 a.m.

At this point, jury selection for defendant Mitchell Young has yet to begin.

Dozens of potential jurors are lined up outside of the courtroom.

Today is the third day of questioning to seat 14 jurors in Young’s case.

On Friday, 28 potential jurors were dismissed, including two women who were openly crying as they left the courtroom.