Local 4's Sandra Ali is in the courtroom Thursday as jury selection gets underway for Mitchell Young, who is charged with murder in the attack on the Cipriano family.

2:45 p.m.

Still interviewing potential members of the jury pool.

Mitchell Young's demeanor seems different in the last hour. He seems more "vested."

He keeps looking around the courtroom. Making eye contact more.

At one point, he was looking point blank at a group of potential jurors before they were excused for the day.

In a rare expression of emotion, Mitchell Young, just turned to a group of people in court and smiled. It was big grin.

2:30 p.m.

This interesting question keeps coming up while interviewing potential jurors:  

When was the last time you heard or watched something on TV about this case?  Was it in the last week?  

Also, what have you heard about a possible plea deal?  Have you heard any talk about plea bargains?

Do you have any reason to believe there shouldn't be a trial? 

Before jury selection resumed I approached those two women sitting behind Mitchell Young.

I know they're related to him in some way.  But they wouldn't tell me.

They said, "no comment."  

I wish I knew the relationship.  

They are the only 2 people here on his behalf.   

Another potential juror is interviewing now.  

He's talking about how he heard about a plea deal on TV.  

He said based on that he formulated an opinion the defendants are guilty.  

Every single time a potential juror walks in Mitchell Young starts taking notes about them.  It appears he's jotting down their name and juror badge number.   

The woman talking to the judge right now says she can't shake the feelings and emotions associated with this case.  

She seems emotional right now.  Even upset and nervous.  She says she finds the violence of the case disturbing.

1:30 p.m.

I think people are starting to look exhausted.