Wayne County Commissioner Kevin McNamara has announced he is running for Wayne County Executive.

The 56-year-old McNamara, who has been a commissioner since 2006, seeks to follow in the footsteps of his father. Ed McNamara served as county executive and the main terminal at Detroit Metropolitan Airport bears his name.

Kevin McNamara says voters in Wayne County are tired of the current administration, which he says has put the county in such a precarious financial situation, it could be taken over by an emergency manager.

McNamara said he has talked with more than a hundred local elected officials about what they expect from the county.

"They are happy to pay for value.  They are happy to pay for service. What they don't want to pay for is out-of-line appointees, They don't want to pay for services they don't need. They want to determine what services they get.

We presupposed for years what we're going to give them.  It's time to ask them," McNamara said.

Westland Mayor William Wild has also announced his candidacy for the county executive post. Others could soon join the race.

Embattled incumbent Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano has not yet indicated if he will seek re-election.