The Local 4 Defenders caught thieves in the act tearing a local school apart.

The police were called and arrests were made but now the problem is being attacked in a new way that will make it harder for theses crooks to cash in.

Andy Arena, with the Detroit Crime Commission, just met Wednesday with lawmakers in Lansing to come up with new solutions and eventually new laws to stop scrappers.

"It is a very big problem that's getting worse everyday. I think we need to go after some scrap yards. We have to make it harder for the thieves to make money and get paid for selling stolen goods," Arena said.

Published On: Aug 19 2013 06:47:12 PM EDT
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The action to attack the problem is getting support across the state. This is not just a Detroit problem.

"It is happening everywhere. Railroad stakes are stolen metal is ripped off wind turbines. This is taking place all over the state," Arena said.

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