A Mother's Wish: Providing emotional, financial help for cancer patients

Published On: Oct 23 2013 09:03:48 AM EDT

Her name is Jane and she is a happy mother of two, but she has had her rough patches. In late 2011, she and her husband got a divorce and a few months later she got a call from her doctor.


"I felt fine. When I got the phone call at work, I kind of sat there and thought 'what do I do? I feel fine, but I have cancer.' So I said to my co-worker "I think I am going to go home."


She was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in her left breast, but her first thoughts were of her children...


"My fear was, 'how was I going to support the kids? how can I take care of them?' Cancer was just pushed back, it didn't really matter, Just my kids and how I was going to take care of them."


Between the double mastectomy and the chemo therapy she missed 10 weeks of work.


"It was very difficult, very difficult. I could barely make it up the stairs, and I would head straight for the bed. I had chemo every Friday so I could sleep all weekend and be back to work Monday morning."


Bills were stacking up and money was disappearing fast- that was until a mother's wish came knocking.


“I was always the one helping other people, making dinners for other people who were in need and for them to present a check to me, It was Amazing. It just helped out so much, just emotionally, not just the financially, but emotionally- it just helped out with everything."


A mother's wish is a non-profit organization that provides financial and emotional support for women and their families who are affected by breast cancer in oakland county.


The money goes towards whatever the family needs- electric bills, child care, medical bills, groceries.

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