1          lb                     Lump Crabmeat

1/2       cup                  Diced Red Peppers

1/2       cup                  Diced Celery

1/2       cup                  Green Onions

1          clove                Garlic, minced

2          Tbls.                Dijon mustard

1/2       cup                  Mayonnaise

As needed                   Bread crumbs for binding and Breading

2          Tbls.                Chopped fresh dill

2          Tbls.                Chopped fresh chives

As needed                   Salt and Pepper to taste

As needed                   Old Bay seasoning to taste



1.  Saute the vegetables and the garlic for 3-4 minutes, then allow to cool.

2.  Mix together the remaining ingredients and

3.  Form into small round balls and roll in fine breadcrumbs.

4.  Sear the cakes in a skillet and finish cooking them in a 350 f. oven.

5.  Stick a lollipop stick into each one and reserve.

Pepperoncini Aioli 


1          gal                   Mayonnaise

15-20   cloves              Roasted garlic in olive oil (reserve oil for adjusting consistency)