Detroit's amazing and rich musical history has given the world Bob Seger, MC5, Iggy and the Stooges, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent. More recently, the White Stripes, Kid Rock and Eminem have emerged from the city with a powerful, prideful sound.

Detroit is the birthplace of Motown and Techno. But did you know it was the first to do punk music, too?

In the early 1970s, on the east side of Detroit, the Hackney brothers were creating a sound that was way ahead of its time.

David, Bobby and Dannis started out as a funk band called "Rock Fire Funk Express." After seeing Alice Cooper, and then "The Who" in concert, the brothers decided to switch to a hard driving rock sound.

They wanted a name that would hit you: "Death."

Legendary producer Clive Davis loved their sound and wanted to take the band to the next level, but there was a catch. They had to change their name.

The brothers refused. Davis withdrew his support, and the band struggled to find an audience.

Death ...died. 

Musical historians say they pre-dated the punk sound by five years. They were visionaries. 

Decades later, they began to get calls requesting copies of their Death recordings. Their music had been rediscovered and was being played at raves on the West Coast. They began to get a huge following. People finally loved "Death." 

The two surviving brothers, Bobby and Dannis, decided to give the public what they finally realized they wanted: Detroit punk rock. They've rereleased their album and are playing concerts. 

I caught up with the band as they toured United Sound Systems Recording Studios. The iconic recording studio is where the Hackney brothers cut their first records.

They were brought in by local promoter Navdo Presents prior to their Metro Times Blowout show. They were so pumped walking around their old stomping grounds.

You can connect with Death on theirwebsite, Facebook, Twitterand Instagram.

Their music can be found on iTunes,YouTube and in a new documentary by Drafthouse Films.

Slideshow: Detroit's garage rock, punk band 'Death'

Published On: May 20 2014 08:49:55 AM EDT

"Death" is the name of a garage rock and punk band from Detroit.

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