The votes are in!

On Thursday, the Local 4 News Today team transformed into their version of the cast and contestants from NBC's "The Voice."

It was a big reveal with lots of laughs!

We asked you to vote for your favorite transformation and we have a winner!

Our very own Brandon Roux as "Christina AgROUXlara" came out on top with the most of your votes!

CHRISTINA AG-ROUX-LERA for web Christina Aguilera AP

Brandon as Christina

Brandon as Christina A

Here are the other characters ... just in case you need a recap!

Evrod Cassimy is Fake Shelton

FAKE SHELTON for web Blake Shelton AP

Rhonda Walker is SheLo Green

SheeLo Green for web Cee Lo Green

Ashlee Baracy is Madam Levine

MADAM LEVINE for web Adam Levine AP

Behind the scenes of Local 4 News Today crew as 'The Voice' cast

Published On: Oct 31 2013 06:51:45 AM EDT

Which costume do you think is the best?

The Voice cast
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