BOSTON, Mass. -

There is a huge showing for local figure skaters in the upcoming U.S. figure skater championship in Boston. Metro Detroit figures to be well represented in the Sochi Olympics.

One of those skaters is Jeremy Abbott, the U.S. men's champion. Despite struggling for much of the early season, Abbott, from the Detroit Skating Club, got the job done by winning his fourth U.S. title and punching his ticket to Sochi. As the oldest skater in the competition this year, he plans to retire after the season.

In ice dancing, Meryl Davis and Charlie White won their record sixth title Saturday and will travel to Sochi along with Abbott and others from Metro Detroit.

Gracie Gold, Polina Edmonds and Ashley Wagner are the female representatives from Metro Detroit. Gold was the runaway winner for her first U.S. Championship in Boston. Wagner was chosen over third-place finisher Mirai Nagasu despite finishing a distant fourth in Boston.

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