Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham on Tuesday said his jail is overcrowded and he's ready to issue a state of emergency.

Wickersham said the jail has been over its capacity of 1,238 for seven days.

He's notified city officials and is waiting to get confirmation from them before going ahead with the state of emergency.

If declared, his office will have 15 days to reduce the jail count to 1,213 before the early releasing of inmates occurs.

“The Judges of Macomb County have been on a bed allocation plan since 2009. We are now to the point that the temporary fix cannot be sustained into the
future and we have to look at our options when it comes to housing the inmates of Macomb County,” Wickersham said.

The last time an overcrowding emergency was declared at the Macomb County Jail was September of 2008. At that time 68 inmates were released early.