MILFORD, Mich. -

This grandfather was just a phone call away for his teenage granddaughter when she and her friends were being watched by a creepy man Monday after school at a Starbucks in Milford.

Greg Chymoweth arrived minutes later.

"All three were shaking. The guy was still sitting there," said Chymoweth. "I could see him in the window and I went back inside and he was gone."

The man later identified by police as 31-year-old Jordan Walters is a registered sex offender. Walters is now behind bars and charged with attempting to solicit a minor for immoral purposes, which is a two year felony.

Parents are relieved.

"Piece of mind, obliviously that someone has been caught for doing something they are not supposed to," said

Over the last couple of weeks, there've been several unrelated stranger danger reports that have kept Huron Valley Schools students and their parents on alert.

"In this situation, everything worked right because we had this open dialogue, because we were sharing information back and forth," said

This grandfather is just thankful he had his cell phone on to answer his granddaughter's call for help.

"I am glad I carry my cell phone around. I was never a cell phone man," said Chymoweth.