A 65-year-old man has died after being hit by a car in front of his family’s home Tuesday night in Detroit.

Nabil Alnajar said it was screams that prompted him to rush out of the home off Lonyo Street. What he saw was only his father’s hat and shoes lying in the street.

Lonyo deadly hit and run

Alnajar said he frantically started searching for his father, Muthana Alnajar.

He found him dead after being hit by a driver who didn’t stop.

Muthana Alnajar was crossing the street when he was clipped by a yellow Checker cab. While the cab driver stopped to help, another car came by, fatally hitting the grandfather.

The grieving son said the driver who hit his father took the time to stop and dislodge the body from the car, but then took off.

Muthana Alnajar came to Detroit 45 years ago from Yemen. His family said he was their leader.

Police haven’t yet released a description of the driver they are looking for.

People who live in the area said the neighborhoods don’t have street lights that work, making something as simple as crossing the street a dangerous act.

"Everybody pays taxes. Even though we all pay taxes, the lights never turn on,” said Abraham Shohatee.

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