A man convicted of arson for the fire that destroyed Poncho's Mexican Restaurant in New Baltimore has been sentenced to prison for the crime.

Joseph Gora was sentenced to 76 months to 20 years prison on charges of arson and breaking and entering and 48 days in the Macomb County Jail on receiving and concealing stolen property.

Gora is accused of setting the restaurant on fire in September. No one was hurt, but the building was severely damaged.

The owner's daughter, Laura Diehl, said her family has been devastated.

“This has affected many people. It has taken away livelihoods from many people," she said.

The restaurant hasn't said when it'll reopen, if it will.

Another man, 33-year-old Brian Kanikowski, is charged with with breaking and entering with intent, accessory after the fact to a felony and receiving and concealing stolen property. His pre-trial will be later this month.

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