Calvin Robinson was shot in the head as he rushed to help two women who were being mugged near the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit.

Robinson is in critical condition and he will undergo surgery on Thursday.

"Devastated ... It's like having an out-of-body experience," said his wife, Sharon Robinson.

The Local 4 Defenders have learned another good Smaratin was shot this week in the city. It was another person who tried to step in and help but ended up becoming a victim of a horrible crime.

"If the facts hold true, it's a very distressing situation," said Assistant Detroit Police Chief James White.

White says the department is working to get the word out about what a critical role witnesses play in investigations -- let police chase the bad guys but please let officers know everything you saw.

"Be the best witness you can possibly be. Take care of yourself. Put yourself in a safe situation," said White.

When a man was beaten and robbed in a Detroit gas station, the witness stood and watched. Moreover, both were unable to provide any key information that could have helped the investigation move forward.

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That's exactly what Detroit police don't want.