Both Benny Napoleon and Mike Duggan watched the Local 4 Defender's eye opening and shocking report on the equipment and safety problems plaguing Detroit’s EMS.

Crews are shot at, robbed and assaulted all while working the country's most dangerous streets in ambulances so old that they break down on the way to help patients.

EMS crews say they tell their own loved ones not to wait for an ambulance in case of an emergency in Detroit

The current plan to solve the problem is to beg billionaires to buy the city new ambulances. Napoleon and Duggan both say it's not right.

Napoleon says the Local 4 investigation is spot on and shows the reality of life on the streets for EMS.

Duggan says it's despicable the way Detroit is treating the man and women who risks their lives to help others.

Those man and women are not asking for the moon but rather to work with the basic equipment in a reasonably safe environment.