LANSING, Mich. -

The Michigan House of Representatives voted to pass a package of 10 bills related to the so-called "Grand Bargain" plan for Detroit's bankruptcy reorganization.

The bills provide state contribution a fund that would allow the city to avoid deep cuts to retiree pensions and protect the Detroit Institute of Arts collection as well as create additional state oversight for Detroit's finances.

All 10 bills passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, some with more than 100 votes in the 110-member House. The closest vote was on House Bill 5574, which appropriated more than $194 million for the "grand bargain" fund, pass in a 74-36 vote.

Following the votes, Gov. Rick Snyder praised the House for approving the bankruptcy plans.

"Today we saw lawmakers from across our state coming together to help make a brighter future for Detroit – and all of Michigan," said Snyder. "I thank state House of Representative members for their bipartisan work on a settlement that will help Detroit pensioners and ultimately save taxpayers millions of dollars."

However, earlier in the day, the House also voted to approve a bill that would block any extension of the tri-county DIA millage. Funds from that millage were included in Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr's restructuring plan.

All 11 bills will move to the Michigan Senate for consideration.

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