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Michigan Roadways Shootings

I-96 shootings suspect wanted to send a message

A man charged with firing a gun at vehicles along...

Accused roadway shooter waives preliminary exam

The man accused in a series of shootings on and off Interstate 96 in southeast Michigan has waived his right to a preliminary hearing ...

Michigan I-96 corridor shootings suspect will go to trial

A man accused of a series of shootings on and off Interstate 96 in southeast Michigan has told a judge to send one of the cases to trial ...

I-96 shooting suspect found competent in Oakland County

A man charged in a shooting spree that targeted motorists along the I-96 corridor in four Michigan counties was ...

Accused I-96 shootings suspect arraigned on new charges

The man suspected in a shooting spree that targeted Michigan motorists in four counties was arraigned on ...

Michigan roadway shooting suspect charged with terrorism

The man suspected in a shooting spree that targeted Michigan motorists in four counties is facing new charges -- including terrorism.

Competency exams ordered for roadway shootings suspect

Judges in two Michigan counties have ordered a man charged in a shooting spree that targeted motorists to undergo forensic competency and criminal responsibility examinations.

Judge orders competency exam for Raulie Casteel

The man charged in connection with a series of roadway shooting across four Michigan counties has been ordered to...

Alleged roadway shooting faces more charges

The man charged in connection to a series of roadway shootings ...

New charges expected in roadway shootings

The man currently charged in one roadway shooting will be ....

Roadway shootings suspect to get mental test, more charges

Raulie Casteel, the man investigators say is the now-infamous ...

Roadway shootings tipster almost fumbled vital information

Raulie Casteel, 43, is locked up after being charged Wednesday for one in a series of shootings ...

Man charged in shooting on I-96 in Livingston County

A 43-year-old man has been charged in connection to a series of roadway shootings ...

Suspect in Michigan roadway shootings will be charged today

Authorities say a man arrested in a four-county shooting spree in Michigan is being charged.

Man arrested in connection to Michigan roadway shootings

Police said the man was taken into custody after a gun and ammunition was taken from his home and tested positive in a ballistics lab.

Person of interest in I-96 shootings comes forward

A potential witness to the I-96 roadway shootings came forward Friday night after the police task force at the helm of the investigation released ...

Roadway Shootings: Extra weekend patrols

Surveillance images may help investigators catch the roadway shooter, meanwhile police are stepping up patrols for a busy weekend along I-96...

Police seek possible witness to series of roadway shootings

A law enforcement task force leading the investigation into 24 roadway shootings between Oct. 16 and Oct. 27 has released images ...

Fear of roadway shooter hurts businesses in area

Businesses along the Interstate 96 corridor where shootings have been reported are dealing with scared customers and less traffic.

Driver remains hospitalized after being shot on I-96

Livingston County Sheriff Bob Bezotte tells Local 4 that a driver was shot Saturday afternoon along I-96 near Fowlerville Road.

School buses avoid I-96 amid search for roadway shooter

Michigan school leaders are taking extra precautions as police search ...

Schools change bus route to avoid roadway shooter area

Grandville principal says buses carrying 180 marching band members will avoid I-96 area.


Police step up patrols to ease fear over roadway shooter

A law enforcement task force investigating the roadway shooter announced Thursday they will ...

UNCUT: Roadway shootings task force update

Police say they are stepping up patrols around I-96 after a press conference on Thursday.

Police step up patrols on I-96 for MSU game

Police say they will have a strong presence on I-96 Saturday as fans travel to Lansing to watch Michigan State take on Nebraska.

Task force increases patrols in roadway shooter area

The task force investigating the roadway shooter said they will increase patrols in southeast Michigan.

Shot fired on U-S 23 not related to roadway shootings

The Livingston County Sheriff's Office has said the report of a shot fired...

Police receive 2,000 tips on Michigan roadway shooter

Police from several jurisdiction met Wednesday to update the public on the ...

Uncut: Police update roadway shootings investigation

Police from several jurisdictions met Wednesday to update the public on the search for a roadway shooter.

Police: Incident on I-96 road rage, not shooting

The Livingston County Sheriff's Office says an incident Wednesday morning on I-96 was not a shooting ...

FBI, ATF boost roadway shootings reward to $102,000

The reward for any information which may lead to an arrest in Michigan's highway shootings has ...

Feds boost reward for roadway shooter to $102,000

The FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are each offering $50,000 and Crime Stoppers is offering $2,000.


Police work to solve, stop Michigan roadside shootings

Shell casings found in Perry, Mich. may represent the first really big break ...

Uncut interview: Sheriff on roadway shootings

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard sits down with Local 4 to talk about the latest involving a series of shootings along roadways in southeast Michigan.

Task force tackles roadway shootings

The investigation into multiple roadway shootings in the city of Wixom has now expanded ...

WDIV, -- Oakland County Sheriff

Bullets hitting cars along I-96 area

More reports are pouring in across metro Detroit of drive-by gunfire hitting cars ...

WDIV, -- Oakland County Sheriff

More vehicles targeted by mystery shooter near I-96 area

Police say one witness described a black four-door sedan -- possibly a Chevrolet Cavalier or an older dark Mustang -- as the potential source of the gunfire. A bullet was recovered for evidence.  


Police hold conference on mysterious I-96 area shootings

Police say at least 16 incidents of gun fire were reported along the area of Interstate 96 in Wixom, Commerce Township, Livingston and Ingham counties since Oct. 16.

WDIV, -- Oakland County Sheriff

Cars being shot at in I-96 area

Police say 16 cases of bullets hitting cars in area along I-96 have been reported since Oct 16th.

Bullets fly from cruising car in Wixom

Wixom police are looking for the person who fired shots out a car window Tuesday evening -– narrowly missing a man who was ...

Mysterious shots fired at cars in Wixom

Police in Wixom are searching for a gunman who has been firing ...

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