Estately released a map and article that outlines what people in each state look for online.

The information was based on data from Google trends. 

Some states are trolling the Internet for serious subjects in life such as religion, mail-order brides (Alaska) and tattoo removal (Nevada).

Others are searching the vast expanse of web space for Elvis Presley, nudist colonies, thumb-wrestling and log rolling. 

In the past 10 years Michiganders have looked for these terms more than anyone else: 

1. Knock-knock jokes
2. Little Caesars 
3. Omelette 
4. Taco Bell 
5. Topless Bar
6. Where do babies come from?

While it is not entirely certain what all of that adds up to, it might make you laugh a little more than the jokes that come up with the Google search. 

For a look at their whole article check out Estately's blog