WARREN, Mich. -

Michigan State Police have wrapped up their investigation into alleged threats by Warren Mayor Jim Fouts that were recorded.

The case has been turned over the Macomb County Prosecutor's Office -- no word yet on whether any charges will be issued.

Local 4 obtained the recordings, which are between Fouts and an appointee.

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Fouts can be heard explaining his anger over negative items being put in his Wikipedia page.

"If I saw him in the (expletive) street and had a baseball bat I would beat the (expletive) down to the (expletive) ground," Fouts is recorded saying. "It would take me just a little bit to find a (expletive) gun and blow his (expletive) head off. That's how pissed off I am."

Fouts was referring to two former city employees who he blames for his woes online. It was the frequency of the threats that, sources say, motivated the appointee to record the calls and turn them over to the police.

"I have a right to mention him because that (expletive) causes me problems every (expletive) day," Fouts says on the recording. "Every (expletive) day. I'm (expletive) sick of him."

Fouts issues apology:

"I was venting in what I thought was a private and personal conversation with someone I trust. I'm embarrassed, apologetic and I ask for forgiveness. I gave in to anger. I am responsible for inappropriate language and I apologize to all Warren residents."