Michigan State University sent out an incorrect campus alert Tuesday about a shooting at an East Lansing campus dorm.

The shooting never happened. The campus alert was meant to advise recipients about severe weather.

The alert read: "THIS IS AN EMERGENCY MESSAGE from MSU POLICE, DO NOT HANG UP. There has been a shooting incident at Wilson Hall. Take shelter in a locked room."

Local 4 has learned some recipients did get a weather alert while others received the false shooting alert.

Everyone later received this corrected alert: "The MSU Police accidently sent a message of an active shooter on campus. THERE IS NO ACTIVE SHOOTER ON CAMPUS.....THERE IS NO DANGER ON CAMPUS."

The Michigan State University Police Department posted this message Tuesday evening on its Facebook page:

"An unknown computer issue during launching of the tornado warning caused an erroneous message reference to a violent incident occurring on MSU's campus. There was no violent incident. We apologize for any undue worrying this may have caused. We are investigating the computer glitch to ensure this does not occur again."