A judge handling the case of a Detroit-area man who killed a young woman on his porch says jurors won't see selfies of the victim with marijuana, alcohol and a gun.

Defense lawyers say the photos on Renisha McBride's cellphone are critical to show the jury that she had a "character trait" for violence and aggression.

But Wayne County Judge Dana Hathaway says they're not proper under Michigan law. She says there could be a "million reasons" for the photos. The judge says she may have been acting.

Theodore Wafer of Dearborn Heights is charged with second-degree murder in the death of 19-year-old McBride last November. He says he shot her in self-defense in response to pounding at the front and side of his house before dawn. Prosecutors say Wafer should have called police.

Picture of Renisha McBride

Trial starts with jury selection on July 21. The judge last week said the defense won't be allowed to use McBride's text messages at trial.