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Crest ingredient under fire

Dental professionals find little blue dots in patients’ mouths -- a type of plastic used in Crest toothpastes.

Brandon utters the word 'snow'

Is Brandon Roux skipping fall?

The heart of Wyandotte: Chuck's story

Could you recognize the signs of a heart attack? Many patients miss the first signs of an attack, but finding appropriate care, quickly, can be the difference between life and death. This episode follows one patient and his incredible story of survival in the face of an attack known to doctors as a “widow-maker.” Also, see the new technology that connects emergency departments to EMS crews in the field.

Biker becomes anti-litter superhero

If you hate to see people litter, you may love this story of a biker who chases litterbugs and throws their trash back at them.

Robotic surgery, amazing recovery: Dan's story

When an active Macomb Township resident begins to feel fatigued, his doctor alerts him to a potentially life-threatening condition in his heart. Although open-heart surgery is an option, he chooses a robotic surgery with one of the country’s most experienced surgeons. Follow this amazing operation and recovery as the patient goes from the operating room to the golf course in days (not weeks).

4 children jump from burning Detroit home

Four children between the ages of 11 and 4 were home alone when a fire broke out and they were forced to jump from their southwest Detroit home.

One last chance: Mary's story

An older heart patient from Lansing is out of options for her deteriorating condition. Without alternatives, doctors at Henry Ford Hospital offer her an experimental, non-surgical procedure to replace her heart valve and save her life. Follow the medical heroes who will fight to help one patient in the face of incredible odds.

Rare deep-sea creature caught on camera

Scientists capture video of a rare and bizarre deep-sea creature known as a siphonophore in the Gulf of Mexico. The creatures are related to jellyfish.

Flashpoint Web Extra: Fare-ye-well old set

After Sunday's Flashpoint, the panel bid farewell to the venerable show's old set.

Ex-pro baseball player Helen Filarski remembered

She was in a league of her own.

Fantasy 5: Biggest disappointments & sleeper picks

Local 4 Sports producer Louie Kamberovski and Detroit Free Press writer Anthony Fenech have this week's top 5 fantasy football topics.

Live in the D: Michigan Burlesque Festival

It's an art form, they say.

Ted Lindsay visits Local 4 as Hockey Fest approaches

Hockey Fest is one way local athletes raise money to fight autism.

Metro Detroit has eyes on Scotland

Should Scotland become its own sovereign nation? The debate is alive here in Michigan.

Big Michigan races, but no debates?

Michigan's gubernatorial and Senate races are big, close ones this year. How is it there are no political debates scheduled for the candidates?

Pet goldfish undergoes brain surgery

A pet goldfish is off-the-hook and alive following surgery to remove a tumor from its brain in Australia.

Live in the D: Homeless in Detroit

Local 4's Kevin Dietz spent a night on the street in n effort to understand what homeless life is like and why people become homeless.

Man meets heroes who saved his life on plane

He was in need of medical help on an airplane and two people stepped up to save his life.

Motorcycle stolen minutes after rider is killed

A motorcyclist was killed in a crash on Detroit's west side and minutes later a crook took advantage of the victim's misfortune.

What's really going on at local teen hangout?

The Defenders take you inside.

Road rage shooter, victim pasts come to light

Both had histories worth bringing to light after this deadly shooting.


Same-sex couple weds after 72 years together

Now in their 90s, two Iowa women who have been a couple for 72 years finally tie the knot.

Cass Tech senior trying to get back to school after fire

She lost family members in a house fire just days ago, and she's still recovering in a hospital.

Tasty Tuesday: Dangerously Delicious Pies

The pies from this Midtown Detroit aren't just for dessert.

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How famous attorney is saving a stranger's life

Tonight at 11 p.m. - Dr. McGeorge shows how a decision Mark Bernstein made 15 years ago is helping save someone's life today.

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