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Baltimore riots: Looting, fires engulf city

Streets in Baltimore looked like a war zone early Tuesday after a night of riots, fires…

CNN, CNN-IBN, Nepal State TV, YouTube/Jost Kobusch, Carsten Pedersen, Kishor Rana

Video shows quake, avalanche on Everest

A video from a climber on Mount Everest shows the chaos of the earthquake last weekend in Nepal, then the avalanche that blasted through their base camp.

Chartruese Kitchen and Cocktails opens in Detroit

Lauren Podell gives you a peek into a new restaurant and cocktail bar in Midtown Detroit.

Lesbian couple could help rewrite definition of marriage

The Supreme Court will hear arguments Monday on same-sex marriage, including from two Michiganders.

Tasty Tuesday: Da Edoardo Foxtown Grille

Check out what this newly re-launched Detroit restaurant on Woodward Avenue has to offer.

New riverfront splash park opens in Detroit Friday

A brand new riverfront splash park opened in Detroit on Friday.

Defenders: Inkster police laugh at beating victim

Local 4 Defender’s Kevin Dietz continues the investigation in the arrest of Floyd Dent.

'Jump For Trevor' fundraiser raising money for heart transplant

People are literally jumping to raise money for this boy's heart transplant.

Ruth to the Rescue: Summer travel savings

Ruth Spencer gives you some tips to save money during summer travels.

CNN, WBAL, WMAR, CNN iReport/Nympho Ink Tattoo Shop

Riots tear apart Baltimore; officers injured

Police arrested more than two dozen people in Baltimore after riots broke out Monday afternoon. People looted stores and set police cars and a business on fire. At least 15 police officers were injured in the mayhem, six critically. The riots come on the same day as Freddie Gray's funeral.

Help Wanted in Macomb County

Businesses in Macomb County are looking for workers of all sorts, from students to veterans.

Buffalo loose in NY shot after chase

Fifteen buffalo were shot and killed on Friday after a day on the loose in upstate New York.

Is this invasive plant a threat to Michigan's wildlife?

Tonight at 11 p.m. - See what's being done to stop the relentless advance of this invasive species. Can it work?


Bruce Jenner discusses his 'journey'

Watch a clip from Diane Sawyer's upcoming interview with Bruce Jenner, where he is expected to discuss his male-to-female transition.

Do you know what is in your makeup?

Two U.S. senators have introduced legislation that would require the FDA to check the ingredients used in makeup and personal care products.

Ford revamps apprenticeship program

Anticipating the retirement of skilled workers, Ford makes changes to their apprenticeship program

Monday marks deadline to franchise Ndamukong Suh

The Lions have to make a decision on whether or not to franchise Ndamukong Suh by 4 p.m. Monday. The move would cost Detroit $26.9 million in 2015.

Live in the D: Bus tours in Detroit

Live in the D takes a look at new bus tours being offered in Detroit.

Rallies for and against gay marriage take place in Lansing

Mara McDonald is in Lansing looking at gay marriage support and opposition rallies.

Study: Michigan drivers pay 136% more for car insurance

Michigan drivers are paying more than double the rest of the country for car insurance.

Tasty Tuesday: Bookies Bar & Grille

Detroit sports fans are familiar with this downtown hot spot.

Protests turn violent in Baltimore

Dozens were arrested after stores were looted and cars and buildings were set on fire Monday.

Michigan drivers feel insurance pinch

Michigan drivers are paying more for car insurance than any other state.

Friday Football Frenzy: Jags vs. Marauders

The Jags and Marauders battled in this Friday Football Frenzy matchup.

Evans’ plan to fix broke Wayne County

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans lays out his plan towards recovery.

KGTV, Dave and Trish Carlin

Sea lion drags man into water

San Diego fisherman Dave Carlin describes being dragged underwater by sea lion. The start of the attack was captured in photo.

Chelsea Bruck’s family speaks out

The mother of Chelsea Bruck spoke to the public on Sunday about the discovery of her daughters body.

Tasty Tuesday: Kabuki Sushi

This Japanese restaurant in Dearborn even carries halal meat.

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Is this invasive plant a threat to Michigan's wildlife?

Tonight at 11 p.m. - See what's being done to stop the relentless advance of this invasive species. Can it work?

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