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Man shot in groin over potato chips

Police say a man was shot in his groin over his bag of potato chips

Niswender murder: Documents reveal why focus is on stepdad

Documents in the Julia Niswender murder case revealed why the focus is on the murdered Eastern Michigan University student's stepfather.

Local 4 Defenders: Parenting with social media

Find out how to keep your children out of trouble and teach them the right way to use social media.

Raw video: Brawl breaks out at sentencing in Detroit's girl's death

A brawl broke out Thursday morning in the Detroit courtroom where a mother and her boyfriend were awaiting sentencing after being convicted in a 3-year-old girl's death. (WARNING: profanity)

Wellness Wednesday: back-to-school illnesses

Dr. Frank McGeorge reports on what germs your children will face when they’re back in the classroom -- and how to avoid them.

Tasty Tuesday: Donutville USA

Mark Porada's family has been running this donut shop in Dearborn for almost half a century.

Defenders: New parking scam alert in downtown Detroit

Hank Winchester has a warning for drivers heading downtown.

Man catches fish with drone

Usually fish stories are about the one that got away. This one is about the one that got caught – using a drone.

Man snubs Rahm Emanuel handshake

A man at a budget hearing snubs Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s handshake offer.

Dinosaur fossil unearthed

A Montana crew carves out its latest dinosaur fossil discovery.

Raw video: Sky4 over Holden's party store fire

A well known party store in Milford burned to the ground early Wednesday morning.

Searching 4 Justice: Family seeks answers in mother's murder

Ditwan Morgan was a mother of two who was hot in the back and killed in front of her 3-year-old son.

White Boy Rick has court hearing Friday in Detroit

Could he be getting released from prison after 28 years? Prosecutors are fighting it.

Trooper Wolf: The man behind the badge

Paula Tutman takes a look at the life of Trooper Chad Wolf.

President busts a move with Alaska students

President Barack Obama dances with middle school kids in Alaska on Wednesday.

Reel Talk: Interview with star of ‘Captive’

David Oyelowo stars in the new movie Captive, which is based on a true story.

Uniquely Detroit: Mower Gang

The volunteer group mows playgrounds the city has abandoned.

Acai bowls are new breakfast fad

Acai bowls are the newest breakfast craze, but are they as healthy as they claim?

White Boy Rick has new hope for release from prison

Rick Wershe has spent 27 years behind bars after being convicted of selling drugs and sentenced to life without parole at age 17, and he has new hope that he could be out by Christmas.

Doc Talk: the scoop on sweat and fitness

Dr. Frank McGeorge talks about what sweat is and how it relates to your workout.

Michigan Stadium bans selfie sticks, drones

The University of Michigan has banned selfie sticks and drones from the Big House for the upcoming season.

Ruth to the Rescue: Campus cyber security

Before sending the kids off to college, go through some identity theft security tips with them.

Howell team tries new football helmet pads

The Howell High School football team is trying out Guardian Caps, a protective cover intended to distribute the force exerted on heads during impacts.

Man's goal is to volunteer in all 50 states

He wants to accomplish this before starting med school next year.

Pet of the Week: Cole

Cold is a terrier mix who needs a home. Call NBS Animal Rescue at 248-633-8327.

Kanye West for president?

When Kanye West got onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards and said he'd decided on a presidential run, it had imaginations running wild. How about west vs. Trump?

Man charged in deadly hit-and-run in Sterling Heights

Police said the red Cadillac was found a short time later in Highland Park, and Xhuljan Gjinaj was arrested.

Parking meters removed from Dearborn

The city of Dearborn has decided to remove parking meters.

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Schools ramping up security but is it enough?

Tonight at 11 p.m. - A national expert says we're not doing enough to keep our kids safe at school. The Defenders reveal what you can do about it.

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