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Groom chooses grandfather to be best man

A man chose his 87-year-old grandfather to be the best man in his wedding.

Scientists find 'glowing' reptile

A glow-in-the-dark sea turtle found in the South Pacific is blowing minds in the science world.

Defenders: Pregnant woman’s driveway disaster

A water main break caused problems for a Detroit woman’s driveway and the Local 4 Defenders helped to get the city to fix it.

The parents of the man who died in jail speak out

Monday at 11 p.m. - The Defenders Exclusive that launched an FBI investigation. A mother's message for county jail officials and a warning for other parents.

Tasty Tuesday: Palate

This Milford restaurant is making food as fresh as it can possibly come.

Friday Football Frenzy: Southfield Lathrup vs. Hazel Park

Southfield Lathrup took on Hazel Park in this week on Local 4's Friday Football Frenzy.

What would your kid do: Stranger at the door

What if a stranger at the door seemed harmless? Local 4's hidden cameras catch what happens.

Man meets hero who saved his life

Guy Gordon has the inspiring story.

CNN, Vadim Rustam, Natalya Lyubimova,

Russians rescue bricked-in dog

Repair workers in the Russian city of Voronezh had paved over a stray, pregnant dog named Belka while fixing a collapsed sidewalk, either not knowing or not caring that the dog was using the hole as a den. But neighbors came to the rescue.

CTV Network, YouTube

‘Spider-Mable’ helps Edmonton police catch crook

Mable Tooke, a 6-year-old girl fighting leukemia, is living her dream of being a super hero. Edmonton officials asked for her help fighting crime.

Arthurs Middle School Jazz Band performs at Scarecrow Festival

The Arthurs Middle School Jazz Band performed at the Scarecrow Festival in Trenton.

New cameras catch drivers not stopping for school buses

New cameras were installed on Northville school buses to catch traffic violations where drivers are endangering kids.

Teenager killed in accidental shooting on Detroit's west side

A teenager was killed when a gun went off accidentally in his family's home.

Facebook via CNN

Family of Oregon shooting survivor speaks

She is the youngest victim and survivor of the Umpqua Community College shooting. Cheyeanne Fitzgerald, 16, made it to college at an earlier age than most. It was her 4th day of school when the shooting took place.

Bat festival underway at Cranbrook Institute of Science

Paul Tutman gets up close and personal with a variety of bats.

Flashpoint: Successful Detroiters return for city's homecoming

Devin Scillian meets with some people who returned for the Detroit Homecoming.

Pet of the week: Ducati

You can adopt this 16-month-old hound mix from the Last Day Dog Rescue by calling 734-743-1760.

Turning shipping containers into homes

Shipping containers are being refurbished to house Detroiters.

Lions fans react to loss

Most fans outside Ford Field were not too pleased with the Lions loss.

New deadly drug puts police on high alert

A new drug that causes users to lose total control is putting police on high alert because the drug is cheap, available and already taking lives.

2nd annual RunTough for #ChadTough

Runners gave everything they had on a cold Saturday because Tammi Carr and Jason Carr are giving everything they've got for their little boy, Chad.

Toppling TVs pose danger to children

Dr. McGeorge takes a closer look at this common household danger.

Angels’ Night preparations

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan went door-to-door Saturday with community leaders recruiting volunteers for Angels’ Night.

Tasty Tuesday: Mother Mary's Toffee

Brandon Roux gives you the scoop on two sisters who are running a toffee business based on their mother's decades-old recipe.

Flashpoint: Attorney, historian discuss case of White Boy Rick

White Boy Rick's attorney joins Flashpoint to talk about why Rich Wershe is still in jail.

Flashpoint: Homecoming members talk about Detroit

Members of Detroit Homecoming talked about the current state of Detroit.


Keira Knightley fan kicked out of play

A heckler was kicked out during Keira Knightley's show premiere on Broadway.

Man exposes himself to girl

Detroit police are looking for a man who cat called and ultimately exposed himself to a 14-year-old girl walking home from school Friday afternoon.

When should you fight back?

Ellis Stafford of the Detroit Crime Commission talks about what to do in the event of a campus shooting.

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The parents of the man who died in jail speak out

Monday at 11 p.m. - The Defenders Exclusive that launched an FBI investigation. A mother's message for county jail officials and a warning for other parents.

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