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Man attempts to abduct woman in Warren

A man tried to abduct a woman in Warren by grabbing her around the waist and putting his hand over her mouth.

Terrifying new technique in carjacking

Local 4 Defenders shows you what thieves are doing to your car that not only puts you in harm's way, but everyone else on the road.

Alex Trebek raps 'Fresh Prince' theme song

Yo, holmes. Smell you later.

City Council rejects water rate hike

It is back to the drawing board for Detroit's water department. City Council rejected a proposed plan Tuesday night to raise water rates by about $5.

Paris Hilton is victim of plane crash prank

Paris Hilton was the target of an elaborate prank conducted by an Egyptian actor for his television show.

Hazel Park Raceway fights to survive

Officials at Hazel Park Raceway say the track has not closed for good.

Defenders: Results of K2, bath salts crackdown

The Local 4 Defenders take a look at results from the K2 and bath salts crackdown.

Tasty Tuesday: Triple Nickel

This is a new place in Birmingham that oozes Americana.

Uniquely Detroit: Offworld Arcade

Don Behm's hobby of restoring vintage arcade games turned into a unique and thriving business.

Local 4 Defenders: tree trouble

A woman whose home was damaged by a falling tree is trying to determine who owns the lot that the trees were on.

Local 4 Defenders: senior citizen serial shoplifter

The Defenders investigate the case of a repeat-offender senior citizen shoplifter, and why she might have a good reason for doing it.

2nd abandoned pig found

For the second time in a week, police have found an abandoned pig.

Thief robs senior citizen complex in Sterling Heights

The man stole seven flat screen TVs from a senior care complex.

Pet of the Week: Lula needs a new home

This cute dog has been through a lot.

How to keep tabs on your kids in crowded places

Tonight at 11 p.m. - Karen Drew shows you how a few simple tricks can make your day out on the town safe and fun.

Man creates Northern Lights time-lapse sequence

A photographer in Minnesota captured the Aurora Borealis this week and turned it into a time-lapse sequence.

Flooding around River Raisin damaging homes, businesses

The River Raisin in Dundee is flooding into homes and businesses.


SpaceX rocket explodes minutes after launch

NASA says SpaceX rocket broke up following launch.

River Raisin flooding in Monroe

This past weekend's rains has caused big problems along the River Raisin.

Pet of the Week: Ellie

This Beagle mix is looking for a home. Call Poet Rescue at 586-944-9221.

Tasty Tuesday: Neehee’s

This Indian vegetarian street food restaurant has more than 100 menu items that are packed with protein.

How pets impact children's health

Kids can learn a lot from pets, and a new study suggests kids with pets are healthier.

Teen tries to drive, swim away from police

A 16-year-old led police on a chase before abandoning his car and jumping into the Clinton River.

Targeting Teen Troubles: Alcohol abuse

Karen Drew talks to a few teens about the pressures to abuse alcohol and fit in with the crowd at parties.

Detroit Lion makes difference off the field

Lions punter Sam Martin is helping animals in need by helping to get dogs off the streets and keep pets with their families.
Click HERE for more information.

Do you suffer from 'sleep drunkeness?'

Dr. Frank McGeorge takes a look at this sleep problem that could be affecting one in seven Americans.

How to eat speghetti the right way

Rhonda Walker, Evrod Cassimy, Brandon Roux and Ashlee Baracy show you how you can eat spaghetti dignified.

NBC severs ties with Donald Trump

NBCUniversal, under pressure from an array of Hispanic groups, is severing its business ties to GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

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How to keep tabs on your kids in crowded places

Tonight at 11 p.m. - Karen Drew shows you how a few simple tricks can make your day out on the town safe and fun.

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