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PTSD and War Photographers

PTSD and war photographers

PTSD and war photographers.

Chris Hondros Journalist as Diplomat

Chris Hondros: Journalist as diplomat

Chris Hondros: Journalist as diplomat.

Detroit parking predators

Big events downtown draw parking scammers

Scammers were capitalizing on big events held Friday in downtown Detroit. It was a perfect opportunity for them to look like they were running a legitimate park operation.

fff troy pic

Troy defeats Southfield Lathrup

In our Friday Football Frenzy season finale, the Troy Colts defeated the Southfield Lathrup Chargers 27-0.

MOM Heart of Wyandotte

The heart of Wyandotte: Chuck's story

Could you recognize the signs of a heart attack? Many patients miss the first signs of an attack, but finding appropriate care, quickly, can be the difference between life and death. This episode follows one patient and his incredible story of survival in the face of an attack known to doctors as a “widow-maker.” Also, see the new technology that connects emergency departments to EMS crews in the field.

fff walled lake canton pic

Playoffs: Walled Lake Western vs. Canton - 11/1/13

Warriors beat Chiefs 44-41 in close playoff game

Grade school friends revisit childhood homes

Grade school friends revisit childhood homes

Rediscovering their memories, the friends grew up in what's now Detroit's deadliest zip code.

Henry Ford Macomb

Robotic surgery, amazing recovery: Dan's story

When an active Macomb Township resident begins to feel fatigued, his doctor alerts him to a potentially life-threatening condition in his heart. Although open-heart surgery is an option, he chooses a robotic surgery with one of the country’s most experienced surgeons. Follow this amazing operation and recovery as the patient goes from the operating room to the golf course in days (not weeks).

Water deal is big Detroit bankruptcy win

Water deal is big Detroit bankruptcy win

Local 4 business editor Rod Meloni explains how this works.

MOM One last chance

One last chance: Mary's story

An older heart patient from Lansing is out of options for her deteriorating condition. Without alternatives, doctors at Henry Ford Hospital offer her an experimental, non-surgical procedure to replace her heart valve and save her life. Follow the medical heroes who will fight to help one patient in the face of incredible odds.

fff cass tech pic

District Championship: Cass Tech vs Mott - 11/9/13

Both teams started out undefeated.  The Cass Tech Technicians were triumphant to win district championship game.

More flooding fears trash trouble surround Metro Detroit

More flooding fears, trash trouble surround Metro Detroit

Lauren Podell looks at the consequences of the record rains last week on Metro Detroiters.

Ted Lindsay visits Local 4 as Hockey Fest approaches

Ted Lindsay visits Local 4 as Hockey Fest approaches

Hockey Fest is one way local athletes raise money to fight autism.

Be a Hero at the Big House: Life-saving donation drive

The University of Michigan's largest life-saving blood drive is taking place.

Midair mission Refueling operation

Midair mission: Refueling operation

Local 4's Lauren Podell goes inside the flight of a KC-135 on a refueling operation used in a combat mission.

'Be a Hero at the Big House' Sunday

The University of Michigan hosts the third annual 'Be a Hero at the Big House' event on Sunday.

The top priorities for children's health

Local 4 talks with a doctor from Mott's Children's Hospital about the top concerns for children's health research.

Race to from Detriot to Chicago and back begins Saturday morning

Race from Detroit to Chicago and back begins Saturday morning

Drivers will race from Detriot to Chicago and back in this weekend's Motor City Gumball Rally.

JDRF Walk for a Cure: Where does the money go?

Local 4's Brandon Roux explains why every donation to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is important and where the money goes.

3D printed device saves baby s life

3D printed device saves baby's life

It's a medical miracle at the University of Michigan.

Texas teen lives in Walmart

Teen secretly lived in Walmart for days

A 14-year-old boy is caught living at a Walmart in Texas for several days.

SpaceX rocket blows up

Becky Maks via CNN

On camera: SpaceX rocket explodes over test facilities

A bystander caught the explosion of an unmanned SpaceX rocket at its facility in McGregor, Texas, on video. The company said the rocket blew itself up Friday evening after a malfunction during a test.

Back to school Dealing with bullying

Back to school: Dealing with bullying

The Noble Bullying hotline is 855-876-6253 and the website is

Live in the D The grief wall in Ann Arbor

Live in the D: The grief wall in Ann Arbor

Local 4's Michelle Oliver shows you something that's happening in Ann Arbor to help hundreds of people cope with missing loved ones during the holiday season.

Downtown is flooded with fans

Downtown Detroit is flooded with fans

With a Lions preseason game and an Eminem and Rhianna concert, more than 100,000 fans are expected to be downtown.

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Jeff Daniels pic

Devin interviews Emmy nominee Jeff Daniels

Sunday at 11 p.m. - On the night before the Emmys, see how this talented Michigan native is handling his growing popularity.

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