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WAOW, family photos

Wisconsin bridesmaids honor sister in fashion

Shannon Hall, 24, died in a car crash earlier this month in central Wisconsin just weeks before her wedding. In Marshfield on Saturday, her four sisters wore their bridesmaids’ dresses for a different but still special occasion.

Do people still die of rabies?

A look at rabies statistics.

The heart of Wyandotte: Chuck's story

Could you recognize the signs of a heart attack? Many patients miss the first signs of an attack, but finding appropriate care, quickly, can be the difference between life and death. This episode follows one patient and his incredible story of survival in the face of an attack known to doctors as a “widow-maker.” Also, see the new technology that connects emergency departments to EMS crews in the field.

Friday Football Frenzy: Cabrini v. Gabriel Richard

Friday Football Frenzy: Cabrini v. Gabriel Richard

Robotic surgery, amazing recovery: Dan's story

When an active Macomb Township resident begins to feel fatigued, his doctor alerts him to a potentially life-threatening condition in his heart. Although open-heart surgery is an option, he chooses a robotic surgery with one of the country’s most experienced surgeons. Follow this amazing operation and recovery as the patient goes from the operating room to the golf course in days (not weeks).

One last chance: Mary's story

An older heart patient from Lansing is out of options for her deteriorating condition. Without alternatives, doctors at Henry Ford Hospital offer her an experimental, non-surgical procedure to replace her heart valve and save her life. Follow the medical heroes who will fight to help one patient in the face of incredible odds.

3 homes catch fire in Detroit

Investigators believe an arsonist may be to blame for three homes that caught fire in Detroit.

I-96 plans preopening family fun day

You can bike and walk the new I-96 before in opens to motorists later this month.

Tech Time: Twitter's leader wants to help Detroit entrepreneurs

Andrew Humphrey spoke with Twitter's co-founder and chair, who paid a visit to Midtown Detroit.

Flashpoint Web Extra: Fare-ye-well old set

After Sunday's Flashpoint, the panel bid farewell to the venerable show's old set.

Ted Lindsay visits Local 4 as Hockey Fest approaches

Hockey Fest is one way local athletes raise money to fight autism.

Best Burger winner: Jay's Stuffed Burgers

The winner of the Vote 4 the Best is Jay's Stuffed Burgers.

Courtesy Brandon Pawlinski via CNN

On camera: White House fence jumper runs across lawn

A man jumped a fence at the White House late Friday and made it through the North Portico doors into the building before he was captured. A bystander got video of the man running across the White House lawn.

A Defenders Investigation: Being Homeless in Detroit

Tonight at 11 p.m. - It was months in the making.  Defender Kevin Dietz goes deep undercover. This time he's holding the sign!

On video: Macomb County home invader

The camera got a good shot of this guy.

Tornado causes damage in Rochester Hills

Severe weather has damaged at least 15 homes in Rochester Hills, including significant structural and roof damage.

Plans for new Red Wings arena, entertainment complex released

More sketches have been released as the new Red Wings arena has officially been approved.

Rains flood Big House, delays game

Saturday night's relentless rain caused a delay of 2 hours, 24 minute at the Big House in Ann Arbor. The stadium was evacuated because of lightning and heavy rain flooded parts of the field.

Raw video: Ford's CEO announcement

 Ford says CEO Alan Mulally will retire July 1 and be replaced by Chief Operating Officer Mark Fields.

Aerial tour: I-96 reconstructed

The reconstruction of Interstate 96 in Livonia and Redford Township will be finished soon. Here's a look at the progress on Friday, Sept. 19, 2014.

Friday Football Frenzy: Cabrini tops Gabriel Richard 14-12

Here are some highlights from this week's matchup on Friday Football Frenzy.

Evrod Cassimy describes enduring hurricane Odile

Evrod Cassimy went on vacation for his wedding anniversary, but it turned into quite an adventure.

What's really going on at local teen hangout?

The Defenders take you inside.

Traffic: I-96 to open at 5 Monday morning

I-96, which has been closed since April, will reopen at 5 a.m. Monday.

Rochester Hills neighborhood cleans up after tornado

Three blocks of a Rochester Hills neighborhood were rocked by a tornado this weekend.

Fall travel savings

Ruth to the Rescue shows how you can save on fall travel.

'Be a Hero at the Big House' Sunday

The University of Michigan hosts the third annual 'Be a Hero at the Big House' event on Sunday.

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