LANSING, Mich. -

The Michigan Department of Transportation has a claim process for motorists whose vehicles have been damaged by hitting a pothole that is on state trunk line.

A state trunk line is highway with an M, I or U.S. prefix, like I-75 or M-10. MDOT only has jurisdiction over state trunk lines. Other roads are under the jurisdiction of counties, cities or villages.

To prove a highway defect claim, state law requires a motorist to show that the road agency failed to maintain the highway in reasonable repair and MDOT knew of the condition and had an opportunity to repair it.

The claim form and instructions are available on the MDOT website at,

Claims for less than $1,000 must be submitted to the MDOT regional office or transportation service center or (TSC) that covers the county where the incident occurred.

If a claim is for $1,000 or more, it must be filed with the Michigan Court of Claims in Lansing.