You see it everywhere in Detroit, a vacant home pops up then another and eventually an entire block is full of them.

A group of neighbors are doing their best to keep the cycle of blight out of their west-side community.

Emmanuel Garland and his neighbor got together Sunday to clean up the vacant homes on Omira Street. They are in the process of striping the homes and re-painting them, because the city will not or cannot.

Garland says the neighborhood is sick of the street looking bad.

"People coming around and want to go in the house and use it for, in the beginning using it for drugs, going in and using the drugs, all type of needles inside."

The goal is to make the house look like it's not abandoned, and keep the beauty of the block in and the bad guys out.

"We're doing what we can until we get a response that we hope for, and that is to have this house torn down."