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Alejandra Villa - Pool/Getty Images

Pope held meeting with same-sex couple in US

The day before Pope Francis met anti-gay county clerk Kim Davis in Washington last week, he held a private meeting with a longtime friend from Argentina who has been in a same-sex relationship for 19 years.

Yayo Grassi, an openly gay man, brought his...

Amanda Lucidon/The White House via CNN

Police: Man got onto JFK tarmac, hoping to meet Pope

He supposedly wanted to give the Pope his business card and talk to him and other world leaders about changing the world.

Whatever his intentions, it was how 39-year-old Chris Cannella did it -- by falsely impersonating an officer and driving his blac...

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Pope brought our messy multitude together

He introduced himself as a brother, a son of immigrants, a neighbor from beyond our southern border.

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Vandals hit statue of priest canonized by pope

While in Washington, Pope Francis canonized a Spanish missionary buried at a mission in California. Over the weekend, a statue of the new saint was vandalized.

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Pope enjoyed warmth of Americans

Pope Francis has returned to Rome, leaving the United States with "a heart full of gratitude and hope" after a hectic trip.

The Pope packed a lot of hugs, handshakes, blessings and political admonitions into a period of less than a week that took him...

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Pope back home after whirlwind US trip

After a whirlwind trip to the U.S. and Cuba, Pope Francis is back in Vatican City.

Rhonda Walker reflects on covering pope's US visit

Rhonda Walker was there as Pope Francis delivered a public mass to 800,000 people in Philadelphia.

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Pope Francis celebrates his trip's final Mass in U.S.

Pope Francis capped his U.S. trip with a final Mass in Philadelphia, where thousands of Catholics lined Benjamin Franklin Parkway to hear from the man known as "the People's Pope."

In his closing homily, Francis stressed the importance of "little ges...

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Pope Francis celebrates his trip's final Mass in U.S.

Pope Francis capped his U.S. trip with a final Mass in Philadelphia, where thousands of Catholics lined Benjamin Franklin Parkway to hear from the man known as "the People's Pope."

Video: Pope rides streets of Philadelphia

Pope Francis is in Philadelphia, the final stop in his historic visit to the United States.

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Pope Francis visits North America

Pope Francis arrived in the United States this week, and made numerous stops in New York City Friday. Check out some images of the pope's North American journey.

Watch live: Pope Francis' final day in U.S.

Pope Francis ends his weeklong visit to Cuba and the U.S.

Pope Francis visits Philadelphia

The pope continued his historic visit Saturday in the United States with a night that included a performance by the Queen of Soul.

John Moore/Getty Images

Pope Francis gives NYC students some homework

Pope Francis gave the students of Our Lady Queen of Angels School an important assignment during his visit on Friday.

"I would like to give you some homework. Can I do that? It is a simple request, but very important," he told them.

"Please don't forge...

Alejandra Villa - Pool/Getty Images

Pope finishes big day in NYC

Pope Francis on Friday finished a whirlwind day in New York City: a speech to the United Nations, a visit with schoolchildren in Harlem and Mass with more than 20,000 faithful in Madison Square Garden.

Francis gets standing ovation during Mass

Pope Francis receives a standing ovation and applause during Mass at Madison Square Garden Friday.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Francis at 9/11 memorial: 'Never forget them'

He calls his church a field hospital for the spiritually wounded. And on Friday, Pope Francis spoke to hundreds who are still trying to heal.

Praying with families of victims of the September 11 attacks at a ground zero memorial and speaking at an int...

Michiganders flock to Philly to see Pope

Local 4’s Rhonda Walker is in Philadelphia as scores of Michiganders arrive for the Pope’s visit.

Pope Francis meets kids at Harlem school

Pope Francis was in his element Friday as he met with children at a school in Harlem.

Pope Francis visits New York

Catholics from Michigan made the trip, as did Local 4's Rhonda Walker, who has the story.

Juan Contreras/Instagram/CNN

Fenced in for hours to see Francis

If you put end-to-end the barriers the NYPD is using to protect Pope Francis during his nearly 40 hours in the city, they would stretch 37 miles.

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5 things the Pope thinks are wrong with world

In a sweeping address to the United Nations on Friday, Pope Francis presented himself as a champion of the poor and dispossessed, urging world leaders to adopt concrete solutions to combat war, widespread poverty and economic destruction.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

10 ways Pope Francis challenges us

Why does Pope Francis stir respect, even love, in the hearts of millions, including non-Catholics? Like other Christians, I look to Francis for spiritual leadership. Here are 10 reasons why so many of us admire this pontiff, and why his examples set ...

CNN Money

The pope can sell it: Francis-themed food, drink and merchandise

Pope swag is hard to avoid in Philadelphia in preparation for Francis' visit. Check out some of the best pope-themed merchandise.

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How Pope Francis won over Hill Republicans

Pope Francis spoke to a GOP-dominated Congress about the ills of income inequality. He claimed that human activity was destroying the environment. And he said the U.S. should welcome immigrants coming from Mexico.

But conservative Republicans were har...


Pope kicks off Friday with UN address

Pope Francis brings his message of hope and love to the United Nations General Assembly.

Win McNamee/Getty Images

The congressman and the possibly Holy Grail

After Pope Francis finished his speech to Congress on Thursday, a Pennsylvania congressman walked up to the rostrum and swiped the half-empty glass from which the Holy See had just sipped.

Robert Deutsch-Pool/Getty Images

Pope Francis to nuns: 'I love you very much'

Pope Francis gave Catholic nuns a big shoutout during his first-ever trip to New York.

"I would like to express my esteem and gratitude to the religious women of the United States," the Pope said to applause that resonated through the city's stately S...

Pope Francis leads evening prayer in NYC

Pope Francis leads evening prayer -- or vespers -- service at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Pope calls for 'global abolition' of the death penalty

When Pope Francis called for the "global abolition" of the death penalty on Thursday, he touched upon a debate brewing across the country that is on the minds not only of the public and lawmakers, but four of the Supreme Court justices who were sitti...

Francis gets pope doll

Pope Francis greets people at JFK Airport in New York and receives a pope doll.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

How to outsmart the Pope Francis traffic jam

Avoid the Pope Francis traffic jam Friday. Fly to work.

Getting from one side of Manhattan to the other during Pope Francis' visit is expected to be such a hellish experience that a helicopter company is offering to fly passengers across town.

BLADE, ...

Pope Francis captivates audiences in Washington D.C.

Devin Scillian is in Washington D.C., where Pope Francis is continuing his historic visit to the U.S.

Pope Francis addresses Congress

Devin Scillian reports from the historic event in Washington D.C.

Watch Pope Francis' speech before Congress

Pope Francis became the first leader of the Roman Catholic Church to deliver a speech before Congress Thursday.

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Pope delivers political message on immigration

Pope Francis challenged America Thursday to embrace millions of undocumented immigrants and join a global campaign against climate change and poverty, wading undaunted into the nation's volatile politics in a historic address to Congress.

Francis also...

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Pope to Congress: Take action on key issues

Pope Francis addresses a joint meeting of Congress.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Pope's speech to Congress: 9 best quotes

In a historic speech to the U.S. Congress, Pope Francis fundamentally rearranged the political priorities for American Catholics in public life.

Abortion and same-sex marriage received scant mentions in the Pope's short address. Instead Francis -- the...

Massive crowds gather to hear pope speak to Congress

Tens of thousands who gathered on the front lawn of the Capitol stood quietly and attentively as they listened to Pope Francis speak inside to a joint meeting of Congress.

Pope Francis: 'If we want life, let us give life'

While speaking to the joint session of Congress, Pope Francis says the yardstick we use for others should be the yardstick which time will use for us.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Pope preaches compassion to divided Congress

Pope Francis urged the United States not to turn its back on undocumented immigrants, to reject the victimization of religious and ethnic minorities, to overcome income inequality and to save the planet from climate change, citing Scripture and the n...

Pope heads to Congress

Pope Francis addresses Congress for the first time ever.

Wolfgang Stuck/Wikimedia Commons

Vatican Inc.: 5 facts about the business of the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church is the spiritual home to 1.1 billion people around the world. It's also a big business that handles billions of dollars.

Pope's historic U.S. visit continues Thursday

Pope Francis will speak to members of Congress on Thursday.

Pope Francis wraps up busy day in D.C.

The Pope celebrated his first mass in the United States Wednesday. Local 4’s Devin Scillian looks at the Pope’s busy day and what he has planned for the rest of the week.

Jonathan Newton-Pool/Getty Images

Pope to bishops: Stop licking your wounds

They may be embattled by the culture wars and bruised by the clergy sexual abuse scandal, but American bishops should not stoop to self-pity or harsh responses, Pope Francis said Wednesday.

Girl gets special kiss from Pope Francis

A little girl trying to reach the pope in his popemobile gets an assist from a Secret Service agent.

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

NYPD ready for attacks ahead of papal visit

A police threat assessment produced for the U.S. visit of Pope Francis discusses the risk of possible attacks against large crowds and churches vulnerable to attack even if terrorists can't get near the Pope.

Pope Francis declares new saint

Pope Francis presided Wednesday over an historic moment for the American Catholic church.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

New saint divides Latinos, Native Americans

Pope Francis on Wednesday canonized Junipero Serra, a Spanish missionary, a moment of deep pride for Latinos but a source of controversy for many Native Americans.

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