It's all about timing. Even when it comes to introducing solid foods to your baby.

A new study finds a link between babies who start solid foods at the wrong time and the development of type-1 diabetes.

Dr. Deb Lonzer, a pediatrician at Cleveland Clinic Children's, discussed why this link may exist.

“Solid foods are going to be lower in the good nutrition, but maybe higher in calories. So, there’s a chance that we’re causing more obesity in babies, it can cause allergies or eczema, there may be a link to diabetes, so there may be some chronic illnesses that we’re causing in these kids when they get older.“

Colorado University researchers studied the feeding practices of more than 1,800 babies. They linked babies who were given solid foods before 4 months of age, and after 6 months of age to the development of type-1 diabetes.

Researchers say babies who were breastfed while being introduced to solid foods had a lower risk for diabetes and that the safe window to start solid foods appears to be around 4-5 months old.

Dr. Lonzer agrees, encouraging parents to talk to their doctors about best practices.

“It may have nothing to do with feeding it may be a variety of other behavioral, or even medical issues that need to be looked into, so please have a conversation with your pediatrician, take the baby in.”