NOON: Bobby Ferguson's attorney, Gerald Evelyn, fell ill during court proceedings. An ambulance was called. Court has been adjourned for the day.

9:02AM Looks like the gang is all there. The defendants are at the table and Bobby Ferguson is passing Kwame Kilpatrick his book of inspirational verses. Sounds like Judge Nancy Edmunds is about to enter the room and she is likely not in the best of moods today because of what happened to her beloved Tigers last night.

I'll get the fashion bit over with and let everyone know that Bobby is in a dark sports coat and brown tie and pants and Kwame is wearing a dark grey suit, bowtie and Clark Kent glasses as he reads his book of verses.

9:06AM Judge Edmunds enters the courtroom. Judge says Minock has filed a brief on hearsay issue on behalf of all defendant lawyers. Minock will address it after Tom Hardiman's testimony is over. Hardiman is the former Lakeshore Engineering executive who testified last Friday to his dealings with Ferguson.

Judge calls for a sidebar.

New in the courtroom today is Harold Gurewitz who is another lawyer for Kwame Kilpatrick. Gurewitz is one of the most prominent defense lawyers in Detroit and at one time represented former mayor Coleman Young. He was hired just before the trial began but this is his very first appearance in the courtroom since the trial began.

9:13AM Sidebar ends and jurors are called in.

Judge says hope everyone had nice weekend despite nasty weather and demise of beloved Tigers.

Judge introduces Gurewitz to the jurors.

9:15AM Mark Chutkow for government finishes his questioning of Tom Hardiman.

In 2008, after the text message scandal, Hardiman says that Ferguson's requests for money became more frequent. There was a certain amount owed to him at the time and he wanted it paid. This was over a 3 month period of time. Hardiman says that Ferguson didn't explain why he needed payments.

After Kwame resigned, Ferguson contacted witness once or twice about water contracts. Hardiman says A & H Contractors never had direct contract with DWSD, it was Lakeshore. Witness can't remember if he gave Ferguson additional work after mayor resigned. At the time, decided to treat him like any other contractor.

Lakeshore continues to win water contracts without Ferguson's assistance. Did not give Ferguson a percentage of work after the mayor left office.

After mayor left office, witness never paid for Ferguson's or Xcel Construction's consulting services.

Witness says Avinash Rachmale had previously been concerned with relationships Ferguson had with the city. After the mayor was gone, it was easier to say no to Ferguson says witness.

9:22AM Martin Crandall for Victor Mercado cross-examines.

Crandall asks if witness knew Ms. Levy, water director previous to Mercado? Knew who she was but never had direct relationship with her.

Witness also didn't know Charlie Williams, another former water director.

Did Mercado have a good knowledge of water department? It appeared that he had.

Was he always professional? Yes.

Did he appear to have a good knowledge across the board? It appeared he did.

You knew Darryl Latimer, assistant director of grants? Yes.

You knew 2 of 9 directors that answered to Mercado? Yes.

Did you know Awni Qaqish? Yes.

Were your dealings more with the lower levels than Mercado? That would be fair.