And were they all mulit-million dollar contracts? Yes.

You are aware that the antiquated water system in Detroit was in constant disrepair? Yes.

You were not just main contractor but also sub-contractor on a lot of work? Yes.

Between 2002 and 2008, did you work with DWSD all those years? Yes.

You had multiple crews working on multiple projects during those 6 years? Yes.

Did you ever see anything that showed you the annual budget Mercado was working with? I may have.

Did you know he had a billion dollar budget for those things on any given year? Yes.

In your testimony you said that Ferguson was connected to downtown connected to the mayor? The mayor, Victor and various other individuals in the administration says Hardiman.

You don't even know if Mercado and Ferguson got along? I don't know.

Witness says Ferguson was able to call Victor.

Ferguson told you on the contracts 1387 and 1361 that they were on the mayor's desk? He said they had to go "across" the mayor's desk and he was talking about 1361.

You became frustrated on the contracts and went to many people? Yes.

Tried to get a meeting with the mayor? Yes.

That didn't work? No it didn't.

You called the mayor's mother. And that didn't work? Correct.

You called DeDan and Kandia Milton's mother? Yes says witness.

And that discussion didn't help? No it didn't.

You entered into contract with Bernard's Maestro Associates? Gave him a consulting fee.

And that didn't get you anywhere with the contracts? "They were still cancelled."

Were the mayor and Ferguson talking about you behind your back? Yes.

When the government showed you those text messages I assume you had never seen them before? No, I hadn't.

Text between Bobby and Kwame.

B: 1361 is the same contract, 1361 prices maybe less than the other one. but hey you know the rest.

k: COOL!

Witness says he does not remember that text.