Another text between Bobby and Kwame.

B: tom Hardiman lakeshore they called your mothers office on us. zeke just called me. ("zeke" is Derrick Miller)

K: Lolol!

B: you got to talk to dedan and zeke. this shit is funny about the shit the union and lakesure is saying. Hey I didn't know I would become the motherfucking man of the... The real man kk.

Is that the text the government showed him? Yes.

Crandall is done.

9:56AM Gerald Evelyn for Bobby Ferguson to cross-examine.

You were associated with Lakshore and A & H? Yes.

Lakeshore and A & H recognized the relationship between politics and doing business? Yes.

And you were interviewed by government several times starting in 2006? Yes.

Witness says he was interviewed several times.

You testified before grand jury May 25th 2010? That may be correct.

Several years after interviewed you are subpoenaed? Yes.

December 8th 2010 you testified again before grand jury? Yes.

So twice before grand jury? Yes.

You got limited immunity from letter? You are referring to letter from government asks witness. what date?

The letter is before second grand jury testimony says witness.

It was a form of limited immunity to protect you from being charged on things you might say? I believe so.

In March 15th 1006, the first interview, had to do with things with Ferguson and Lakeshore? Yes.

You told them that you had been involved in supporting Kilpatrick, that you had known the family a long time, about 20 years? Yes.

You had a fund-raiser for Kwame on direction of Emma Bell? Yes.

And Lakeshore reaised $25,000 from vendors? That figure seems correct.

One of the ways of getting business in the city is political support? I'm not sure. We were supporting Kilpatrick because we wanted him to be mayor.

You're saying it's coincidence that the vendors who donated wanted to get business? I'm not saying that.

Lakeshore got a lot of business from city of Detroit? Yes we did.