Didn't you tell agents that supporting mayor's campaign was to get business? Yes.

Bobby and Kwame are mouthing a conversation through this testimony.

Did you support the mayor twice? Yes.

And you told investigators that you never received special consideration? Witness says that he believes that it refers to conversation in 2002 and he said to the mayor he would never ask for special consideration from the mayor but if he ever ran into problems, he would appreciate being able to go to the mayor.

You indicate that you supported him financially in 2002 and 2005? That's correct.

Mayor invited to have campaign headquarters in 2005? Yes.

And you gave him special deal on the lease? Yes.

And there were no other tenants at the time? Report might say that but we did have tenants.

Supporting the mayor's campaigns served a business purpose? Yes.

You said that Lakeshore never asked for special consideration or got it from the mayor and that all you wanted was access? That is true.

You met Ferguson on transition team? That's correct.

You are a minority business man? Yes.

Increasing opportunities for minorities you believe in? Yes.

You are a family man? Yes.

Have several sons that you have tried to get into business? Yes.

You have had several conversations with Ferguson? We've had lots of conversations over last 10 years.

Talked about opportunities for minority businesses? Yes.

And you talked about family? Yes.

You've met his daughters? All three of his daughters.

You don't remember his daughter Brittany interning at the business? I don't remember which daughter it was but I remember one interning there.

You socialized together? Yes.

He's met your sons? That's correct.

And you share some of the same values? Yes.

You agree on family? Yes.

And helping other minority businesses succeed? Yes.