And that's something he feels strongly about? Yes.

People like yourself feel it's important to knock down barriers? Yes.

And Ferguson has done the same thing? Yes.

And you've dealt with ENT trucking and who is that? Eric Simons.

Is he a young African-American? Yes.

Let me ask you about some companies that have come up in testimony. You purchased A & H from partner Rachmale? Yes.

Witness says it was A & H Management initially but changed to A & H Contracting.

And initially A & H did small jobs? Small renovations.

Who owns Lanzo? The D'Alessandros.

Gary and Angelo? I don't know.

And Lanzo includes Lanzo Lining and DCG? Yes.

And was one of your sons involved with Anderjohn? Yes.

And what kind of work did Anderjohn (not sure on spelling) do? Start doing work on water mains.

Part of your concern is to help people that are less fortunate? That is correct.

Including nursing home in your neighborhood? Yes.

The Homer Ferguson Foundation, started by or for Bobby's father, was a charitable organization right? Yes.

Might feed the homeless at Thanksgiving? Yes.

In fact at one point you were on their board? Yes.

That’s something that Bobby got you involved in? Yes.

And that was something you did because you thought it was morally good? Yes.

10:32AM Judge says this is a good place to take a 20 minute break. And I'm sure that everyone is headed to the first floor shop.

10:55AM Evelyn continues his cross of Hardiman.

We were talking about some of the shared values you and Bobby had as black men in the city? Yes.

Amongst that improving business opportunities for minorities? Yes.

And Ferguson is a family man who loves his people? Yes.