What is the Motor City makeover? Where they clean the city up and take trash off the streets.

Did you do that? Yes.

And Ferguson? Yes.

Was he one of the coordinators of the Motor City makeover? I believe so yes.

What was he on the transition committee? I believe he was the Chair.

Do you remember what Rachmale was on, the DWSD committee? I don't remember, it might have been.

I want to ask you about some of your testimony. Are you familiar with that document? No.

Are you familiar that it is a Lakeshore invoice? Yes.

Looking from Lakeshore Engineering to Ferguson Enterprises. For $24,840 on March 6th 2002 for a water main replacement contract, WS 623. On 8 mile sewer.

That's correct? That's what the invoice indicates. I'm not disputing it.

Second page is another invoice from March 31st 2002 for WS 623. Second progress payment is for $20,160. So total is $45,000 for both statements.

Sent to Ferguson Enterprises at Wyoming. Lakeshore was at 8 mile address from 1998 to 2005 when they moved to Woodward.

Witness does not remember what his company did on this invoice. He was not personally involved in it.

Appears to be the same project on the same site for both invoices? It appears to be.

Could be for work done in 2001? I'm not sure.

So it appears you had a relationship with Ferguson prior to 2001? I can't answer that.

But you don't dispute that you did work for Ferguson? No.

Evelyn has a bid proposal document for 849. Talking about local economic development section. Lists project team members: the individuals who would be on the team. Lakeshore, Ferguson, Lanzo, Spalding Decker, somat engineering and Cole Financial. Ferguson Enterprises listed as Detroit Headquartered. Percent of contract 36% for Ferguson.

So you got points because Ferguson is Detroit Headquartered and Detroit based? Yes.

But Lanzo is not Detroit headquartered only Detroit based? Yes.

So the 2 major companies listed here to get the contract are Lakeshore and Ferguson? Yes.

Same project, listing which businesses are minority designated businesses. Lakeshore is one as is Ferguson enterprises. Lanzo construction is not one. somat and Cole Financial are but they have small percentages of contract. So they have 78% total minority participation.

So you put Ferguson down to help you get contract? Yes.

City of Detroit Executive Order #22 work must be performed by no less than 50% bona fide Detroit residents, no less than 25% minorities and a certain percentage of women....

Lakeshore states that it exceeds requirements. It has a table which lists Lakeshore first with 15 employees, 10 of whom are Detroit residents, 11 are minorities and 3 are women. Ferguson lists 20 employees, 20 live in Detroit, 15 are minorities and 4 are women. Lanzo has 20 employees, 5 are Detroit residents, 5 are minorities and 2 are women.