With a Wayne County ban on K2 and other like products in place, it appears shops in the county are complying with the ban.

The incense isn’t illegal yet, but it’s widely known that young people are smoking the “spice,” and some are having violent reactions to it, are becoming addicted to smoking it and there are reports of overdose deaths from it.

SPECIAL COVERAGE:Fighting the K2 Epidemic 

At a BP gas station in Livonia at 6 Mile and Middlebelt, the shopkeepers there were apparently trying to keep up with the demand for K2, that they built a glass “one stop K2 shopping center” and placed it right by the register.

The glass case contained dozens of packets of the spice, glass vials of what appeared to be the product, along with glass pipes and lighters. The case contained everything anyone would need to purchase K2and smoke it immediately.

On Wednesday, the product had been removed from that case.

BP has ordered it’s operators to stop selling K2.

We asked the clerk if it was BP or the Wayne County ban that got them to remove the K2.

“Both,” The clerk said. He did not want to give his name. 

“Good. I’m glad. They shouldn’t sell it.” Roddie Smith said.

The Livonia mother of three says she’s spent the last week warning her kids to stay away from the synthetic drug. 

Dearborn gas station owner Hassan Jawad tells Local 4, he’s hearing that most shops are complying with the ban.

“I would never sell it, they shouldn’t either,” Jawad said.