Police investigators in western Wayne County want to catch a man before he tries to abduct another girl.

Police believe the man may live in Westland. Reports from Canton Township, Westland and the city of Wayne say the man has targeted young girls near schools.

He knows where to look for the children since three reports say the man was targeting girls near schools.

Westland schools put out an alert to parents earlier this week. A 5th-grade girl was approached Friday morning.

The man has been described as older with white facial hair and a goatee. Reports say he was driving a bright red sports utility vehicle.

He has been asking children if they can help him find his dog. On Friday, he told a girl that he would take her to school and they could stop at McDonald's.

The man tried to pick up a 10-year-old girl and a 6-year-old girl near Edison Elementary in Westland. He also tried to pick up a high school girl not far from that area.

Police are taking the threat very seriously. It's a criminal case. The man may be targeting children in nearby Livonia, too.