A 68-year-old Roseville man is in custody, charged with attempting to hire a “hit man” to kill his wife.

Police say Charles Tringali was arrested after giving an undercover detective a “deposit” to murder Barbara Tringali, who has been his wife for 27 years.

Police are revealing few details about the alleged plot. A tenant living in the Tringali home says Charles Tringali began talking about killing his wife a week ago. Tim Kulich says Tringali asked him to kill Barbara or to find someone who would.

”I said ‘Chuck I don’t know anybody like that.' He kept pursuing it,” said Kulich. “I couldn’t believe it. At first I thought it was a joke.”

He told Local 4 that Tringali finally said he was ready to do the job himself. Kulich told a former police officer, who approached Roseville detectives.

According to Kulich, Barbara lives in a Macomb County nursing home. He says Tringali arranged to bring her home for a visit on Tuesday.

He says within three hours after her arrival, Tringali met with an undercover police officer outside a nearby restaurant. He was arrested and charged with Solicitation of Murder. He’s being held on a $1,000,000 bond.

“I feel sorry for her,” said Kulich. “I don’t know how this will affect her when she finds out. She really loved this guy.”