TAYLOR, Mich. -

Taylor police Corporal Matthew Edwards was killed July 23, 2010 while responding to reports of a burglary in progress at an apartment complex.

The man who is accused of murdering Edwards will spend the rest of his life in prison. However, claims of the fallen officer's shotgun being stolen have cost another officer his job.

Taylor police conducted an internal investigation which, they say, shows Taylor police officer Andrew Voelker stole Edwards' shotgun from the Taylor Police Department. At this moment, it's unclear why.

Wayne County prosecutors have charged Voelker with multiple felony counts. Local 4 spoke with Voelker on Monday at his home. He said he would love to tell his side of the story but, on advice from his attorney, he is keeping his mouth shut.

"He is innocent and I expect him to be exonerated," said his attorney, Jim Amberg. "He's a good, hard-working family man and he's been wrongfully accused."

Taylor Police Department