Local 4 has learned from sources that both men have confessed to the crime. Those confessions were recorded. However, the case could be an interesting legal battle. The defense is likely to argue the men were strung out on drugs.

"We may be looking at a drug-fueled rage attack," said Rockwell. "Which without the drugs would never have happened."

No one can argue what happened inside the Farmington Hills home was horrific. A loving husband and father, Bob Cipriano was beaten to death with a bat. His wife Rose and son Sal also were severely beaten. The two other children are left to live without their family and will hold on to haunting memories of what happened inside their home.

Moreover, two young men are locked up. If they are found guilty of murder charges, they could spend their lives in prison, all for what unfolded in less than 30 minutes inside a Metro Detroit home one early morning.

Both Tucker and Young remain in jail, held without bond. They will be back in court in May and between now and then investigators are expected to reveal more about what happened during the attack.